March 13, 2016

Pure Human - I Think I Found Fido

[Posted by Ted H]

Posted from the past! Gives me 2 weeks to maybe/probably avoid Diarrhea of the Dead...


[Pure Human - I Think I Found Fido]

            John gave off a look as he tossed the tracker back to Blake and reached around for his pistol. He slowly stepped inside and tried a switch. Immediately the front hallway lit up. "Looks okay so far," he said as Blake walked in behind him and shut the door. They slowly made their way down the hall with no signs of life announcing themselves to their presence. "Maybe everyone's on vacation," John suggested.
            "Yeah," Blake said "Way more likely than living in a world where creatures on unknown origin murder a family in the middle of the night, decapitate a small child and slip away without anyone noticing."
            "Technically it's still more likely," John said as they arrived at the basement door. It sat open with blood stained all around the frame. "So, what seems more likely?" Blake asked as John ignored him and pushed the door all the way open with his gun. He tried the light switch for the basement but the room remained dark. "Stay behind me," he said as he switched back on his flashlight and pointed it down the stairs. Every step was covered in blood and claw marks. Carefully, they made their way down.
            The basement was unfinished, with wood panel walls and rugs placed about to cover the concrete. The ceiling lights and other such light sources were all smashed recently, broken shards of glass, some bloody, were strewn about. Blake could hear the wind blow by the open window as he checked the tracker and slowly made his way through the dark, closing in on the source. He stopped when he heard a squishing noise underfoot. He pulled out his lighter and ignited it to get a close look at where he was. The rug was soaked in blood and as he panned around, he found out why.
            "Think I found Fido," he said as he observed the carcass. "What do you mean you think?" John asked as he observed his own found blood splatter. "I mean I'm pretty sure I found the dog," Blake said "It just doesn't look much like a dog anymore." John checked around the entire basement before returning to Blake. "This place is empty," he said but did little to let his guard down "How would the family here not know about what happened down here?"
            "I think we both know the answer to that question," Blake said as both men made their way out of the basement and back up the stairs. They swept through the first floor but didn't find anyone. The second floor was a different scene as they found the bodies of another family mutilated beyond recognition.
            What remained of the parents were lumped in a giant pile on top of their bed, arms and legs had been torn off and all appendages had bite marks all over. There was a teenage son who was left mostly untouched, except his intestines had been ripped out and tossed throughout his bedroom. There was also a young daughter whose eyes had been poked all the way through and completely skinned below the neck. There was no sign of the skin and the body had been discarded to the other side of the bed on the floor, as if she had served her purpose after being skinned.
            "You know, I hate it when I'm right," Blake said as they left the second floor and returned to the front hallway. "We gotta call the cops," John said. "No, we don't," Blake said "We were able to ghost this without anyone knowing we got in here, we call the cops now, they'll assume we had something to do with what's upstairs."
            "So what do we do about it?"
            "We leave. We find the creatures. We go home. We try to forget what we saw upstairs."
            "What do you mean by creatures?"
            "I'm beginning to think there's more than one. No way only one can eat that much, or cause that much damage so quickly. Everyone was killed in their beds. That was too messy upstairs to be done quietly."
            "Lovely," John said "So how do we go about this?"
            Blake thought about it a moment. "I have no idea," he said "At this point all we can do is wait for it, or them, to strike again. Maybe they'll form a pattern of where they're hunting. They obviously left here when it started getting dark, so maybe we can go out tomorrow and see if any house looks broken into."
            "That's a very passive way to go about it."
            "Yeah, but there's little we can do without knowing where to look. I'll try calling Mathew tomorrow with what we know. maybe he's heard of whatever this is."
            They left the house and made their way back to the car. John insisted on calling 9-1-1 but Blake told him to wait on it. They drove in silence the rest of the way back to where Anin was. By then it was pitch black outside and many of the street lights weren't working. John had tried the radio, but his preset stations were all static and he didn't feel like scanning for whatever was local, so he turned the radio back off. Blake preferred the silence; it allowed him to think and process all of the information he'd taken in to this point.

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