March 27, 2016

Pure Human - Breakfast at Anin's

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Happy Zombie Jesus day!


[Pure Human - Breakfast at Anin's]

            "Answer your freaking phone," Blake said as he listened to the endless ring-back while he cradled John's cell phone in his ear with his shoulder, all while he worked on making breakfast with both of his hands. "When's the last time that guy ever answered you on the first try?" John asked while sitting at the table with his feet up. "There was that one time," Blake said as he gave up on the phone and placed it down "But the world was at stake, so I guess that didn't count."
            "What's for breakfast?"
            "What's ever for breakfast with me cooking?"
            "I've learned to hate eggs."
            "I got cheese and what I believe to be bacon. Anything else for your omelet?"
            "I saw hot sauce in their fridge last night."
            "Oooo, daring."
            "Can you focus? What was the name of the guy you met in Anin's head?"
            "That's way too many vowels."
            "He's behind whatever's happening. We figure him out, we get to the bottom of this case."
            "And what about whatever's going around town slaughtering people?"
            "Right, well, that seems to take priority."
            "Want to talk about why what you did last night involved you staring into Anin's eyes like a long lost lover all night?"
            "Part of the process I guess."
            "Not going to lie, we fucked with you guys a little to see if you'd wake up or notice."
            "Did you draw on my face?"
            "Nah, waved our hands in between your faces. Poked you a couple of times. Joey wanted to punch you in the back of the head to see if you'd notice, but I convinced him not to."
            "Classy. That's all I would've needed was that galoot forcing me out of the dream world right when I was making progress."
            "Learn anything relevant about that anus guy besides his name?"
            "That he needs eye drops or something."
            "So, nothing relevant."
            "Can't assume he says anything I can believe."
            "Except his name?"
            "Oh, types like that guy, it's all about the name. They need you to know who's in charge. He's behind all the killing, and even if we never find out his methods and reasons, he needs all the right people to know he's the one behind it."
            "So we get a hold of Matthew on the phone and..."
            "We tell him the name, he tells us what this guy's deal is and how to stop him. Easy."
            "If you say so. So where to first?"
            "I want to see that cave by the lake again. Maybe we missed something. I also want to try something with that little girl at the hospital."
            "Try what? CPS might want to know what you're planning."
            "Something akin to what Anin and I did last night."
            "You might want to bring Anin just to be sure."
            "Bring Anin where?" Anin asked as she and Joey walked into the kitchen. "I feel ill," Blake said "I think we should go to the hospital." Anin rolled her eyes as she sat down next to John. "There's a little girl from that house yesterday," John explained "She isn't waking up and apparently Blake thinks he can go into her mind like he did to you last night."
            "No, you can't do that," Anin said shaking her head at Blake "You have to actually know what you're doing, especially if the other person isn't allowing you into their mind." She sat up straight and tilted her head at Blake. "See, I knew I'd be useful for this," she said as she smiled "You need me."
            "I guess we're going to the hospital first," John said as Blake shrugged and went back to the stove. "Right after breakfast," Blake said "Now how much hot sauce does everyone want in their eggs?"
            "What?" Anin said.

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