May 11, 2014

Demons Ascension - Return to Chicago

[Posted by Ted H]

Yeah, this one's short, but what happens right after is a bit jarring of a, yeah...


[Demons Ascension - Return to Chicago]

            James had rushed home and into John's car as fast as possible. He was immediately back on the road to Chicago, driving as fast as he could manage and weaving his way through traffic. He made one stop for gas, in which he also chucked money at a clerk for the biggest coffee possible and a new pack of cigarettes. If he was going to save the world for a demon, he was going to need his essentials.
            He sped into a parking spot once in Chicago and sprinted into John's apartment. John wasn't home though, so he was back into the car and driving like a man possessed to the sister. He pounded on the door hoping someone was home when he saw Brittany in a nearby window. "You're back?" she asked as she opened the door a little. "Where is your brother?" James asked, practically dancing with anxiety.
            "Him and Lyle are gone," she said, keeping the door from opening anymore "I think there's been another murder." She defiantly didn't want James inside alone with her. "Could you call him?" James asked "Tell him to meet me at his place?" Brittany nodded slowly. She began to close the door but at the last second stopped and opened it up again.
            "Why do this?" she asked "Why put yourself through all this? You have no responsibility to do anything." James found himself at a loss for an answer at that moment. She didn't know about anything supernatural going on or anything more severe than some guy had killed her sister. James couldn't simply say he was trying to save the world or prevent a demon because when he began, those reasons didn't exist.
            "Someone had to," he said after a moment "I guess I just couldn't think of a reason not to help."
            "Thank you," Brittany said with a tear trailing down.
            "I'm sorry your sister is gone," James said "And I know why you're doing what you're doing in there but believe me, it's best to get away a little. Try to not be here tonight. Go out with Lyle or something. Just escape your own grief for a while. It won't make the pain go away, but neither will dwelling on it constantly."
            Brittany looked down. "I'll try," she said as she slowly closed the door. "Tell John to hurry!" James yelled as he turned to return to the car. The clock loomed heavy over his head and he needed to be reunited with the only person left in Chicago who could help him.

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