August 24, 2014

Demons Ascension - One Bullet

[Posted by Ted H]

The very very very VERY 1st time I started writing this...way back in 2006, I started the tale at the point in the story where this entry ends, wherein Blake would then do a flashback through the entire story until it catches up to this point again. For obvious reasons I decided against it, one of which was I wanted him to be a bit more calculating rather than dumb-luck relying....I'm glad I changed it.

Story isn't over yet, so make sure you're around next week.


[Demons Ascension - One Bullet]

            James sprinted down the hallway to where Croatoan lived and found it closed with the same symbols carved into the frame as the basement. "Wonder if my key will work on this door, too," he said as he backed up a few feet, then ran up and threw his foot into the door. This time, probably having more to do with the coat as opposed to blunt force, the door easily swung open and James stepped through, the door quickly closing behind him.
            The room resembled nothing like the place James had been before. Everything was different. The entire apartment, walls and all, were gone. Instead was a wide open area with a large gaping hole in the middle of everything leading down to the basement alter where James was at the beginning. Floating over the hole was Croatoan with his back to James, and in front of Croatoan was Amanda, nude and in the same sacrificial position as all the other victims. She was alive, but the only movement she could manage was the terrified look on her face.
            "Alright James, no pressure," he said to himself, which caught Croatoan's attention as he turned around and looked down at James with some bewilderment. "How?" he began to ask before composing himself and waving his hand at the notion. "It doesn't matter," he said "You will simply bear witness to my ascension firsthand, and also spare me the trouble of tracking you down afterwards."
            "That's where you're wrong," James said "I'm here to stop you."
            Croatoan gave off a deep laugh. "You honestly still believe you have a chance? I am a GOD!"
            "Not yet. This whole this is to make it official, is it not?"
            "Does that give you hope? The belief that as long as I'm not fully ascended, you might have a sliver of a chance to stop me?"
            "Maybe," James said as he pulled out Bradford's gun "So is our agreement still in effect?"
            Croatoan's eyes lit up before he laughed again. "Of course," he said "Take your one shot! Nail me right between the eyes and I might plummet down this hole and never be seen again!"
            "Funny how you're willing to take this chance, seeing how I take it you've never been this close to your ultimate goal before."
            "One bullet will not ruin my ascension."
            "Then why even bother allowing me the chance?"
            "Because I know you honestly think you can stop me with just a bullet. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. Your despair will be so much sweeter if I allow you to act on your current hope."
            James knew that headshots were moot now against Croatoan, but Croatoan didn't know he knew that. He knew the shot he wanted, but he needed Croatoan to be in perfect position for him to pull it off. It was a long shot, and James wasn't entirely sure if it would even work at this point, but there was no other option now.
            "Promise not to move?" James asked as he raised the gun and aimed towards Croatoan.
            "I would never dream of it," Croatoan answered "But if your plan is to stall me, I'm afraid it won't work." With that, the door behind James was struck by something big, then followed by a familiar chorus of growling. The three minions had made their way out of the elevator shaft and were now beating at the door to get at James. "My will is the only thing keeping that door shut," Croatoan announced "Right before midnight, I will allow it to open and you will be torn limb from limb while I see to my final sacrifice. So you have but a moment to take your fruitless shot."
            James aimed and looked for his shot, but wasn't satisfied with his options. The door behind him took another powerful hit and Croatoan announced that it was now or never. "Well?" he asked as James continued to aim but refused to shoot. "Times up," Croatoan shouted as the door behind James splintered at the strike of Croatoans beast.
            James looked quick behind himself before taking off towards the hole Croatoan was floating over, all three beasts were in quick pursuit. James ran to the edge and launched himself up and towards the demon with both arms still aiming upwards. Croatoan did not move as he watched the man begin to fall. James finally found the shot he wanted and pulled the trigger. The gun exploded its shot out as it jerked from James' hands. As soon as he got the shot off, the first of all three beasts hand begun to grasp James and soon he and all three beasts plummeted downward into the hole, all four screaming as they fell into the darkness.

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