August 31, 2014

Demons Ascension - The Fallout

[Posted by Ted H]

Oh, it's not quite over yet...


[Demons Ascension - The Fallout]

            Croatoan allowed himself a beat longer than he should have to enjoy watching James disappear. He'll make his way down to his alter later to view the mangled remains of the man or perhaps have one of his beasts bring the body up; he hadn't decided yet. He enjoyed the spectacle that turned out to be, the bullet just grazing his right ear as it ultimately missed completely, not that it would have mattered. "Now," he said as he turned towards his final sacrifice "Onto what was long denied to me unjustly."
            The girl was where he left her but she had managed to arch her back and drop her head out of view. "It's time," Coratoan said as he revealed his blade and rose towards the girl, a long dormant excitement growing within his form he had long forgotten of. Just as he was about to reach out and draw the girl's body towards him, he heard a voice call to him.
            "It's over, Croatoan," the voice said, jarring him from his task. He looked to see an angelic figure floating near him. "You shouldn't be here," he hissed as he pointed his blade towards the figure."Neither should you," the angel responded.
            "You can't stop me," Croatoan said as he turned back for the girl to find her spirit rising from her body. "What?" he exclaimed as he beckoned the body to him to find that there was a bullet hole in her forehead. "!?" he screamed as he could barely contain the rage building inside him.
            "She did not die by your hand," the angel announced as the room began to brighten and the girls soul continued to rise "and her soul now belongs to a much more powerful entity. "No!" Croatoan screamed as he noticed the number of angels appearing nearby as the light continued to brighten. "That soul belongs to me!"
            Croatoan made a desperate grasp for the girls soul until he was stopped by a bright and powerful light that held him at bay as the girls spirit disappeared into heaven. "Noooooooooooooo!" Croatoan screamed as the light only intensified, ultimately blowing Croatoan back and causing him to freefall through his hole all the way down. He landed harshly into the pool of blood that had accumulated.
            Croatoan rose to his knees and screamed at the sky, barely comprehending that his plans for ascension were in ruins. Now more powerful forces than he were around and knew exactly where he was. "I will have my ascension," he barked at the heavens before spitting to the sky "This is nothing more than yet another setback."
            "Oh, this may be more than just a setback," Satan said as he stepped into view from the darkness. Croatoan's power still resonated down here and the red glow still lit everything up enough to see clearly. Satan stood smugly with his hands behind his back, shadowy figures flanked him and surrounded Croatoan on all sides.
            "It's over," Satan stated as he took a step forward, Croatoan took a step back and brandished his blade. "If you think I'm beat..." he trailed off as he turned the knife on himself and stabbed into the upper portion of his chest. He quickly chanted a phrase in an unknown language and dragged the blade to the other side of his chest before pulling it out. The knife left no mark on his body.
            "So you're trying the same trick again," Satan said as Croatoan laughed. "You can't touch me," he said with a hiss.
            "Mortal," Satan said "At least until you find another rock to hide under."
            "There's nothing you can do!"
            Satan let off a slow laugh, leaving Croatoan with an uneasy feeling. "Why do you mock me with your laughter?" he asked. "It's nothing," Satan responded "But let's just say I may owe someone a favor when all this is through." Croatoan didn't understand, and he wasn't sure if he even wanted to. He was on the verge of leaving when he felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned to face whoever was touching him, he was promptly greeted with a fist being thrown at his face.

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