December 14, 2014

Race for Safe Haven - The Waiting Game

[Posted by Ted H]

Hey, remember the part in the 1st LotR book when Frodo didn't do shit for about 50 years after finding the ring. Me neither. The movie showed it as well, though Peter Jackson kinda glossed over it...


[Race for Safe Haven - The Waiting Game]

            Over the span of the next couple weeks, Rhett did what he could to deal with his cold. During the day he crept around his house for supplies, slowly bringing what he could down into the basement. At night he would hold up in the basement, gathering any news he could from the internet after setting up his laptop. There was no new information to be found, but Rhett took solace that there was a stream of information coming along, even if it seemed that there were fewer and fewer people posting news with each passing day.
            Jake would find a charger eventually. Austin found a couple in the house he was in and tossed them out for Jake. The nightly conversations would start up again as a result. Austin's condition would worsen though, and Rhett could tell by the adamant nature in which Jake would refuse to talk about it. For everything else, Jake was his usual self, treating the zombie apocalypse like a potential blank check for mayhem so long as there was someone else to enjoy it with him.
            Rhett wouldn't turn on the television again since he didn't want to risk the noise in the one story house and his inability to get cable in the basement. Not that there was anything to watch; all news networks had shut down and all there was broadcasting was a tickertape of local shelter locations. The internet had eventually stopped updating and not long after that, he wasn't able to even connect.
            Jake meanwhile was in a two story house, allowing him to avoid basements and able to look out as the undead roamed nearby. He described it as watching a bunch of drunks mill about after closing time. They would be aimless until some sound caught their attention and they would make for the source regardless of what actually made the noise.
            He had access to a radio in the house and was able to scrape together the only news available now. "The situation out in California seems to have changed," he said to Rhett one night "Apparently, people over there have something figured out."
            "Figured out how?" Rhett asked.
            "I dunno, but they're putting the call out that they're a safe haven."
            "I was in no mood to drive to Rochester. You think I'd be game for a cross country trip?"
            "No, they said the only way in was to get to any of the remaining shelter locations and wait for further instructions. Apparently they have a plan to get people there."
            "What do you think about it?"
            "It sounds dumb. You hated the idea of herding everyone in the shelters. These assholes want to herd all the shelters together now, too."
            "Honestly, though, what choice is there at this point?"
            "Yeah, I'm running out of food. You?"
            "I didn't have much to begin with. If it wasn't for me being sick and having no appetite, I'd be long empty by now."

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