January 24, 2015

Preview 2015...

[Posted by Ted H]

So I got sick.

And was doing inventories all month for work.

Those two things do not play nice.

One more inventory to go and I'm beginning to rebound from the cold, but clearly I've been slacking off on updates. But instead of slapping together something to cover this week, I decided instead to gather my thoughts...here are my planned writings for the near future...

-Race for Safe Haven. I've got plenty on standby for a while. Act 1 is almost done, just gotta get my cast to the climax and wrap it all up. Worst comes to worst, if I can't think of anything better, Act 2 will be my 2015 NaNoWriMo, but don't quote me.

-Demons Ascension. I've a couple short story ideas already in mind for James Blake. Lord knows I would love to write another novel with him, but I'd like to flesh him and his universe out some more with some short adventures before tackling another big project.

-Untitled play. Remember Our Town of the Dead? Remember how I mentioned it was originally some bull shit I scrapped together in high school and later redid it proper? Yeah, well that wasn't the only scrapped together play from high school. I've recently begun reading a book that served as the starting point to another one of those plays. Personally, I'd love to try that play again after actually reading the original story. File this project under "maybe".

-MLB Turtle Wax Awards. Yes. This will happen again. I enjoy it.

-Why Diary of the Dead sucked. I've been thinking about doing a long form essay about why this movie sucked, similar to what I did for the previous movie. Of course that would mean actually watching it. You can excuse me as to why that hasn't happened yet. Maybe I should do one for Resident Evil: Apocalypse instead...

-NaNoWriMo 2015. Duh.

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