June 21, 2015

Race for Safe Haven - We Had a Talk About You

[Posted by Ted H]

2 jobs....one of them is 2 different locations.....fun minus the n.
...but hey, it's summer now!

[Race for Safe Haven - We Had a Talk About You]

"Nice car," Matt said as Mike stepped out of an old tan station wagon. "Where did you get that car, the 70s?" Laura said with a disgusted look on her face. "The keys were in the car and it has trunk space," Mike said as he made his way to a gas pump "If you wanted something more stylish, you should have tagged along." Mike proceeded to fill the station wagons gas tank while the coast was clear. Steve stood by and looked out while Jason headed inside the station.
            Inside was Rhett and Tara loading a couple baskets into Rhett's car. "Energy drinks?" Jason asked as he looked at the contents "30 racks of beer and a bunch of cigarettes? Does Mike know you're packing this stuff?" Rhett smiled as he opened a pack of cigarettes. "Mike can load his car however he wants," Rhett said as he popped a cigarette into his mouth "This here is the party car, and I decide what's important." Tara pulled a cigarette out and waited for Rhett to reveal one of his many disposable lighters that he took.
            Mike later came in and called a meeting of the group. "Using the tanks, we'll fill up Rhett's car, then we'll refill the tanks. Otherwise, we're all full on the gas front. We'll load up the supplies in both cars at dawn tomorrow and be off. I know where most of the barricades are set, so getting out of the area won't be a problem. We should be in Albany by the end of the day if all goes well.
            "Let's all turn in early and get some sleep. No drinking or anything else like that. We're not that far from the end, let's just get there and survive this." Everyone nodded towards Mike and dispersed. It was mid-afternoon and no one felt like sleeping just yet, so Rhett gave the gas station one last once over for things he wanted to take. All the food and drinks worth taking were gone. At this point there was just odds and ends stuff up front that Rhett would find amusing, not vital.
            "I want you to take first watch tonight," Mike said causing Rhett to flinch at the company he didn't know he had. "Uh, sure," he said, but Mike did not leave. "Something you need?" he asked. Mike took a breath before talking. "We had a talk about you," he said "About what happened between you and Eric yesterday."
            "Oh boy," Rhett said, annoyed at the idea of another judgment being talked down to him. "Eric was an important member of this group and some people are uncomfortable with you after what went down."
            "I guess no one thought much about that Sarah chick then," Rhett said as he put a finger on his forehead to show where Eric had shot her.
            "Look," Mike said with an uneasy tone "I honestly don't know what we would have done about Eric after he killed Sarah, I'm not okay with that, there's no way I would be. But the reality is this: someone we didn't know until yesterday killed one of our own. We don't know you, all we know is you're looking out for your own best interests. That doesn't mean you're out to kill anyone, but it also means I can't have you apart of this group once we get to Albany. And I know you're okay with that, because you've got your own thing going on; Tara told me about your friend."
            "You must know I had no intention in killing Eric," Rhett said "He tried to kill me though. What would you prefer? I lay down and die and you can have a talk with Eric about how he can't keep killing strangers?"
            "I don't know what happened to Eric. I don't know if he snapped or if you just rubbed him the wrong way. I've seen your vest and your bruise. In your spot, I probably would have shot back as well. But this group, my group, I need to keep them safe. In order to keep them safe, I need them to trust in me. And in order for that, I need to deal with this situation. Half of them want you gone. Half of them want you around."
            "And what do you want?"
            "You're useful. I can get us to Albany quicker with your help. A temporary partnership is the best compromise I can offer. I'm not sending you away, but you can't stay."
            Rhett looked at Mike a moment, the light from the setting sun shining bright on his features. "Like I said before," he said "Albany, then I'm gone. You idiots can get killed however you want after that." Mike slowly nodded and turned. "Remember, first watch," he said as he walked away "Wake up Jason when you want to switch."

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