February 4, 2011

The Cowboy

[Posted by Allie]

Just a little something I've been playing with...

He may as well have donned a cowboy hat because the nickname stuck. He wasn't sure why at first. He didn't wear boots or anything you'd see a stereotypical cowboy wearing, but after a few days of people watching, he realized that this was a small town filled with high class people. No one wore jeans. They wore dress shoes or running shoes, khakis, skirts, and perfectly starched and ironed blouses and button down shirts. He was the one that looked like a person who handled horses on a day to day basis with his blue jeans that were worn white in some places, work boots, and white t-shirt. He heard someone remark that he may as well chew on a piece of straw. To him, Farm Boy would have been a better nickname.

The people here drank cosmopolitans and he sipped whiskey from a short glass. And tonight, that's just what he did. He sat in a small booth in the back corner of the bar with his glass and let the liquid warm him all the day down to his gut. He enjoyed the feeling. He only drank one, maybe two glasses, when he went into the bar every few nights, but it was enough for him to feel warm and relaxed. He liked to sip and watch. The people around him seemed nervous when they spotted him, they'd try to pretend they didn't see him. The glances cast his way were a sure sign the still knew he was there.

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