February 26, 2011

Safe Haven - Rogues

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Been doing about 20 other things this week aside from writing. Wouldntve been a problem since thats why we've got 5 freakin writers but since its been just me and Ryan for the last month, then I guess I need to step it up a bit. Pounded this out, not entirely thrilled with it since I dont feel like its done-but Ill just post it now and tweak it later cuz Im lazy like that.

...on the bright side, no more god damn intro sequence...


[Safe Haven - Rogues]

“It’s almost sundown,” Johnston said as he and Teto sat in the darkened corner of a building. “He’s usually on time,” Johnston continued. “Shh,” Teto said as they heard a door open and close, followed by footsteps. The room was empty with warped hardwood flooring that echoed each step. They knew there was someone in heavy boots coming alone. The man walked into the room and quickly surveyed the area. The was tall and well build with short hair that was balding in the back. The man cleared his throat and said “Gee, I guess I’ll leave since there’s no one here,” in a sarcastic tone.

That was the signal. Johnston and Teto stepped out into view as the man didn’t even flinch upon seeing them. “Where’s the shipment?” he asked, looking around for something that wasn’t there.

The mans name was John and he and Teto had an understanding; The people of Safe Haven weren’t allowed guns as well as other banned items, and Teto and John disagreed with that view. Teto would gather up periodical shipments of contraband and deliver them to John, who in turn, distributed the items to his fellow civilians. The ResEs knew such an operation existed, and have been trying to years to shut it down, but they’ve yet to pinpoint John or any Rogues involved.

“Shipment was too big,” Teto said as he reached into his pocket. “Define ‘too big’,” John said as Teto pulled out a folded up piece of paper. “It’s a map,” Teto said “We’re not coming back into the city for a while. We brought in 20 times the usual amount to keep you guys armed and set in the meantime. All of its hidden in about seven different areas marked on the map. Make it last.”

“Why aren’t you coming back in?” John asked as he looked over the map. “We’ll be busy,” Teto said as he and Johnston started for the door. “How well did you hide everything?” John asked but the two men didn’t turn around to answer. Teto cracked the door open and peered out to make sure no one was around. He then opened and walked out. Johnston followed as he balled his fist and knocked on his chest two times. That was the signal for the sniper that everything was clear.

A few minutes later, the two Rogues met up with their sniper, Tucker, and were now heading for their exit from the city. Rogues weren’t allowed in the city, since they were made up mostly from people who were originally banished, and ResEs were instructed to shoot first and not even bother with questions.

Teto was one of the original Rogues, back before they were even called Rogues. Back then they were just survivors, keeping together in a group. He never liked the idea behind Safe Haven so his group never bothered. The droves of people flocking to the city however, was tempting. Only a fraction of the people trying actually made it to Safe Haven. And for every failed trip, there were supplies left behind to scavenge.

It had become an easy life. Teto and his group would arrive, kill off all the zombies and help themselves. Sometimes there was a stray survivor. If that survivor was infected, they were killed. After a while Teto didn’t even hesitate when he came across an infected living person. They were gonna die anyway.

Uninfected survivors were a problem sometimes, especially if they tried to defend their stuff. If they were stupid enough to think they could still make it to Safe Haven then the group would let them go then just wait for that person to get themselves killed. If they were smart, they would join in the group and forget about the city. Not everyone got to join though. You had to be strong enough to survive on your own. No one was getting a free ride through the apocalypse. If you weren’t strong enough, then you were left alone, usually the group took all your stuff anyway since you usually wouldnt be surviving much longer.

When Safe Haven started banishing people, some found their way to Teto’s group and joined up. Eventually their numbers swelled to the point where Teto’s original group was only a fraction of the overall numbers. Those banished people had been referred to as “Rogues” and the name stuck.

Johnston was a middle aged man originally from Minneapolis. He had a wife, a 16 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. When he finally arrived to Safe Haven however, it was just him and his daughter. The girl was infected but he managed to hide it from the ResEs when they entered. He tried his best to care for her as her health deteriorated, but it was a losing battle.

Someone eventually caught on to what was going on and they quickly notified the ResEs, who swiftly busted in and tore Johnston’s daughter from his arms, dumped her into the middle of the street and executed her in full view of everyone looking. Johnston flipped out and tackled the man who executed his daughter, beating his face and knocking out the mans front teeth while tearing out his hair. It took several ResEs to subdue him and not long afterwards he found himself outside the walls of the city.

He was picked up by the Rogues almost immediately. When Teto started his smuggling operation, Johnston jumped onboard to assist. He saw it as a chance to deliver some payback, be it by arming the civilians or to shoot any ResEs who made the mistake of getting in the way.

Tucker was the brash, young, cocky sonovabitch of the group; the polar opposite of Johnston. He was barely a teenager when the dead started walking and he had to adapt real quick to surviving without his family. His dad had taken him hunting countless times before so he knew his way around his fathers rifle, which played no small part in his survival to Safe Haven. But when he was learned that he wouldn’t be allowed to keep the rifle, Tucker simply turned around and refused to enter the city.

In the years since, he’s modified the rifle and added a scope to guarantee accuracy. He never really matured and often breaks off on his own into the city, usually coming back with a story of something that happened to him that no one believes. Tuckers prone to talk your ear off, but he’s the most dangerous person you never see, and he fit right in to Teto’s plan as a guardian up on the roofs, making sure no ResEs interrupt business.

Tetos business was more of a charity service. He would supply and arm the people of Safe Haven and expects nothing in return. Despite Safe Haven being as advertised, there were still ways into the city from the outside and some zombies always find their way in. The ResEs tend to catch any undead that get in but every so often they’ll arrive too late and some defenseless citizen gets infected or worse.

At this point in time, Teto figured there were enough weapons, drugs and alcohol distributed to cover half the city. About half of that was siezed by the ResEs, some wasted, but there was still a substantial amount in circulation, especially the weapons. It was the only thing keeping the ResEs in line sometimes, the knowledge that the citizen you harass or one of the people around might be packing. That’s why they’re tolerable during the day, but after curfew is another story. Being armed wont help you if its just you alone with the ResEs.

The three men quickly made their way for their exit. It was after curfew, meaning all the ResEs would be out real soon. ResEs had the Rogues outnumbered 10:1 as it was, so it wouldn’t be a good thing if anyone got caught and gunned down. Despite being heavily outnumbered, they had every intention to bring down the ResEs and all the people in charge of Safe Haven. Teto had a plan to do that. The smuggling operation was just a small part of that plan, right now he just needed more time.

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