February 11, 2011

Safe Haven - Intro pt.2

[...posted by Ted H]

Lil bit to finally end the intro sequence. Not much, but Ive been too busy gloating over the Super Bowl. I did some editing to this part to make it seem a little bit more serious than before.
Next time I shall provide some motha fucking backstory.


[Safe Haven - Intro pt.2]

Patrick continued to survey the continuing dilapidation of his church until a faint glow caught his eye in a corner in the back. The glow illuminated from a cigarette a man dressed in black was smoking. Their eyes locked for a moment before the man walked out from the shadows and into view. “You’ve been gone a while,” Patrick said as the man grabbed a toppled chair and walked over. “Been busy,” he said as he took a drag of his cigarette and placed the chair down backwards and sat down on it, resting his arms in front of him on the back of the chair.

“Busy killing?” Patrick asked as the man chuckled, smoke escaping from his mouth and nose as he tried to suppress a laugh. “That’s one way of putting it,” he said. “You believe in another way?” Patrick asked as he sat down on a nearby pew, pushing aside a tattered bible to make room. “They’re already dead,” The man responded “You can’t kill what’s already dead.”

“They are still people.”

“They were people.”

“Hmm…well what about the others that you’ve killed? The ones that still breathe.”

“They don’t count as people.”

“And who exactly put you in a position to decide that?”

“They did, when they made the same decision about me and everyone else in this city.”

Patrick stood up and distanced himself. “Did you come here to lecture?” he asked. The man took a final drag from his cigarette before putting it out. “Nah,” he said while flicking the butt away “Just some nice small talk.” Patrick shook his head. “Jake, you hate small talk.”

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