February 15, 2011

This is an untitled.

[... Posted by Ryan]

So yea. Back to posting poems. The idea of a sabbatical to focus on my stories didn't really do anything. My stories still aren't done and poems are just so amazingly fun. This one, well it's a little older. It's about heartbreak. This one was about me. Now I don't normally write poems about me, but this one needed to come out. And it's good, I think. So I'm posting it.



The fog of doubt,
Replaced the shadow of truth,
Your presence,
Once did prove,

The blinding sun,
Recedes and enlightens,
And in one moment,
I could feel my knees weaken,

Fog has turned solid,
And I can longer trust,
That the emotion once known,
Was ever more than lust,

What you renewed,
I refuse,
To grasp that which you imbued,

And stars guide my love,
Though, not alone,
I still look above for trails,
To lead me back to one,

I look back,
Cleansed of your influence,
And realize it was more fun,
Than anything of conscience,

Whole lies and no truths,
The base of all of our time,
But I never lied to you,
We could have been divine,

Return to the life you held previously,
And I shall remain in mine,
I hold steadily alone,
In a world of my own design,

Alone I mourn your indecision,
Your inability to let yourself be happy,
But you're free now, in your insecurity,
I won't be here for your convenience anymore.

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