May 13, 2011

Safe Haven - Slain and Double-D

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Holy hell, when was the last time I updated this storyline? March? Fucking March? Seriously? I wouldnt complain too much though, seeing as Ive posted some pretty sweet shit in the several weeks between SH updates.
...and yes, astute readers should see the cannon fodder character from a mile away, but sometimes it's just as fun to build up a horrible, pointless death than it is to just spring it out of nowhere.
.......and FYI, the unnammed girl in here is in fact "Cayra" Its been about a dozen weeks since she was mentioned...

Ive also cant help but want to hit the gas on this plot and move along, since this zombie apocalypse era storyline has in fact included zero actual zombies...I promise you, once we get to that part, Ill fucking bring the zombies with such a fury, youll yern for these days of no zombies...


[Safe Haven - Slain and Double-D]

“What are we gonna do with her?” Will asked for the umpteenth time. Kendall tried to ignore him as he continued to push the barrel of his rifle into the girls back and made her march. “Keep those hands on your head,” he ordered the girl. The girl hadn’t said a peep since they found her. She seemed harmless enough and after a couple more smacks to the back of the head she would immediately follow instruction without having to repeat yourself. Still though, the way she had made her way through the city, knowing just where to run with cover and how she was careful to avoid detection, that made Kendall worry. This wasn’t the first time someone like her had been outside after curfew and Kendall wasn’t taking any chances if she was up to something.

There were stories of citizens being intentionally caught after curfew just to lure ResEs into a trap. That’s all Kendall could think about right now. They’d given her two full body searches just to make sure she didn’t have a gun or any other tricks before marching her off. Kendall chose a long, roundabout path back to the Hub just in case the girl had any friends waiting down a dark alley. Will had bitched about taking the long road, but that was solely because he couldn’t wait to rape the girl. Kendall convinced him over the long road because they could march her around as an example. He didn’t tell him the real reason because Will might call him a chicken, then they’d argue, then Kendall would get a headache over the whole thing. Better to just lie.

“She flinched!” Will cried. Kendall didn’t see anything. He wasn’t expecting anything. At this point the girl was too scared to try anything funny, which made him feel better. Either there wasn’t any ambush to worry over, or the long way home worked and the ambush is down a road the three of them aren’t taking.

“She flinched again!” Will said. “You’re full of shit,” Kendall scolded. “You’re just not paying attention,” Will said as he took the girl and marched her himself. Kendall knew what he wanted to do and sure enough he didn’t push his rifle into the girls back, but much lower. “You better like that,” he said with a grin. Kendall wanted to scold Will for that, but he didn’t have the energy. He felt that headache coming on.

“Shit, man! Look at them,” Kendall heard a voice call. Two Hispanics jogged over from another street. Juan and Jezus, better known by their call signs “Bell and Taco.” They’re the ResEs who normally patrol the area. “If I recall correctly, Slain and Double-D aren’t suppose to patrol this area tonight,” Juan said “So you must be lost. Tell you what, I’ll help you guys get where you’re suppose to be. Just turn around and fucking walk. But be sure to leave this pretty little thing behind when you do.”

“Not on your life,” Will said while the two laughed. “Tell you what,” Kendall said “You really wanna ruin someones night? Go find Mean and RC. We picked the girl up maybe a block away from them. They had to have walked right passed her though.” Juan started laughing. “Are you serious?” Jezus asked “Were they too busy making out or something?” Kendall shrugged. “Dun no, I just want to get this here back to the Hub.”

“I hear that,” Juan said as he slapped Will on the back and started walking away with Jezus. “C’mon, not that much farther,” Will said as he slapped the girl on the ass and marched her forward. “By the way,” Will said “I got dibs on her first.” Kendall wasn’t gonna let that slide. Will has a habit of killing girls so he can get off, meaning he was going second. He was about to tell him as much when a sound caught his ears that made him tense.

Someone had cocked a rifle.

“You hear that?” Will asked as Kendall raised his weapon. Whoever that was, they made sure to cock their gun slow and deliberately as to announce their presence. There was just no way to tell where it had come from except that it was nearby and behind them. Kendall’s first thought was that it was either Jezus or Juan, but both had walked too far away and neither one would be able to keep from laughing if this were a joke. It was just quiet.

Kendall surveyed the area. The only nearby place that provided immediate cover was an alley. It was dark. “Of coarse it’s dark,” Kendall muttered to himself “No one ever hides in a well lit alley.” He checked over his shoulder one more time to see Will had shifted himself behind the girl with an arm around her neck and a pistol to her head. Cowardly, but it seemed smart enough. The last thing they needed was for the girl to try something and distract both of them for even a second to create an opening.

Kendall shouldered his rifle and turned on the light at the end. He positioned himself at the opening of the alley and peered down. Nothing was moving. The alley didn’t extend all that far and it provided virtually no cover for a person to hide. Kendall breathed a small sigh of relief. Maybe they both heard wrong and it was just the wind or something. Either way, there was no reason to wait around.

“C’mon,” Kendall said as he turned and began walking back to Will and the girl “Lets just g-” Kendall stopped. “What?” Will asked, as he lowered his gun from the girl’s head. Right behind Will was a man dressed in black, a Rogue, with a pistol in hand pointed at Will’s head. Will was completely oblivious, which was better suited for him since the Rogue wasted no time in pulling the trigger.

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