September 14, 2011

Safe Haven - The Chase pt.2

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Mad props to Will whos been doing ALL the posting for the past couple weeks, allowing me to be a lazy SOB. Busy busy busy for me but here I am, posting yet anohter installment to the SH storyline. Gonna wrap the chase sequences up next time, then Ill finally get to the zombies in my zombie apocalypse. Maybe I need to post a prequal story or somethin...
Gotta steal LotD back cuz my brother stole it back after I stole it the first time, so the review might be on hold for a bit. Got part 2 of the review almost done though...

Next week? See you there...

[Safe Haven - The Chase pt.2]

Cayra was never a big fan of Rogues, but after what just happened, she might reconsider her position. She concealed the gun she received as best she could and sprinted down to the other end of the alley, the opposite direction of all the action. She was a long way from home and didn’t want to get caught by any other ResEs, let alone be caught with a gun.

Sticking to the shadows as best she could she made her way to the outskirts, too close to the walls for anyone to want to live and for any ResEs to patrol near. The plan was to circle back around to more familiar territory before trying to sneak back into the more populated (and patrolled) areas. No doubt most ResEs were rushing to try and catch the Rogue, but odds were there were a few that remained where they belonged, just waiting for someone to break curfew.

Despite confidence in her plan, Cayra couldn’t help but feel like she was still being followed. After getting caught earlier, she made sure to be double sure the coast was clear before risking herself out in the open but still she felt like a ResE was near. She kept stopping and checking everywhere behind her but saw no sign of pursuit. Still though, she felt something more than paranoia as she slowly made her way where she needed to be.

Enough time had passed to where the Rogue was either caught or he got away, meaning the ResEs would soon be back where they all should be. Cayra’s trip was almost over though. It took her long enough, but she was where she needed to be to risk walking through a populated zone to get home. Her paranoia chimed in again and she quickly glanced over her shoulder. This time she saw something, someone quickly shifting themselves behind cover. It was definitely a ResE.

The ResE had been following her, for how long she didn’t know, but it didn’t really matter. She had two choices: she could pretend she didn’t notice him and sneak home. She might lose him along the way but it also contained the risk that she could lead him right to where she lived, granting her no escape if the ResE barged in. Her other option was to run away now, not home but somewhere where she can shake her pursuer. The problem with that was she had little faith she could successfully outrun the man. Either way she was out of luck, and if sneaking around so far yielded no such luck, she might as well just run for it.

Cayra checked behind herself again to make sure the ResE was still hiding from sight before she took off in full sprint. She heard the man swear before the sound of footsteps following. Outrunning him was not an option but maybe she could lose him in one of the abandoned buildings. Her only shot lied with the hope that ResEs don’t have much experience in navigating abandoned structures.

She ducked into a building and ran through a back hallway and back outside. She had been through these buildings before, too long ago to remember exactly the layouts of every building but recent enough to know a certain pair of buildings had an adjoining basement. Sadly, that was her best shot at escaping.

The ResE was closing in fast, but Cayra had reached her destination as she threw open a broken glass door and sprinted down the hallway to where the basement access was. Heavy boots onto warped hardwood flooring announced the pursuer as Cayra opened the door and went down the stairs. The basement door could lock and it was obvious this was a basement, so Cayra hoped the ResE would give up the chase and just close and lock the door, not knowing about the alternate exit. Boots barreling down the stairs dashed those hopes though. This guy was either too stupid or too determined to simply try and trap her.

No matter, Cayra still had plan A, and the scattered debris in the basement allowed her to conceal herself as she crossed to the other side. By time the ResE knew where she was, Cayra was already heading up the other staircase. “Get back here!” he fruitlessly shouted as Cayra reached the top. She decided to lock the door and force the ResE to cross back over to escape, which would give Cayra plenty of time to hide in another building. She figured it was a good plan as she turned the knob to exit the basement but the door remained closed.

“No!” Cayra said aloud as she tried forcing her weight into the door but it refused to budge. “Oh my God,” she screamed as panic set in. The door wasn’t opening, and Cayra spun around to see the ResE laughing at the bottom of the stairs. “End of the line,” he said as he casually walked up the staircase. “Please,” Cayra pleaded, which only caused the ResE to laugh more.

Cayra wasn’t getting a Rogue to save her this time, but she still had the gun he gave her. She pulled it out and quickly fired without aiming. The ResE easily shifted and ducked away from the shot but lost his balance on the stairs and tumbled down. For a moment Cayra didn’t move. The ResE wasn’t dead, but he remained on the ground as he groaned in pain. She made her way down the stairs as the ResE reached for his radio. “You came alone,” Cayra announced as she pointed her gun at the man. “Please…” the ResE said, filling Cayra with rage. He was expecting Cayra to show him mercy? After what he and his friends were heartlessly going to do to her?

Cayra kicked the radio away from the ResE before she shot him in the throat. This man was going to die slowly and alone, like the animal he was.

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