January 15, 2012

Safe Haven - Wakey Wakey

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[Safe Haven - Wakey Wakey]

“Wakey wakey!” Jake heard someone say as he briefly fantasized stabbing whoever it was with a knife over and over. He was barely able to sleep last night and he felt like he was finally able to sleep when he was awoken. It wasn’t out of fear though, even though the group was sleeping out in the wastelands in constant danger of the undead for the first time since they found the amusement park. It wasn’t the sleeping arrangements either, they were little more than camping out which is how they usually slept anyway.

Jake figured the reason he couldn’t sleep had something to do with Jordan said yesterday, about how excited he was for this trip, about seeing how the world had changed. Jake found out he was looking forward to seeing the world a little as well. He always loved to wander around and explore new areas as a kid. The trip to Safe Haven was a little too frantic for him to enjoy the constantly changing scenery, albeit the apocalyptic feel to it. After leaving Safe Haven and before he met Cooper, all he had was time to enjoy the changing world, enough for him to ignore the impending doom of being alone in an undead world.

As a Rogue he loved the mornings where he would scale the roller coaster with Teto and Tucker because it offered up one hell of a view. Thirteen years of the same view however could jade even the most interested of hearts. Now that he and the others were venturing so far from home for the first time, the sense of exploration was reawakened. It was all business with Teto and some of the others, but part of Jake was relishing the opportunity to see the world once more.

Still, sleep was important, and Jake got nowhere near enough. So when he was woken up at what felt like only five solid minutes of sleep, Jake saw no issue with stabbing the person waking him up. He slowly sat up and saw it was in fact Jordan waking everyone up. Last night Jake and Teto each pulled a shift on lookout while everyone slept. Jake went first, then Teto, who then passed off to Jordan.

“What’s for breakfast?” Jake asked as he rubbed his eyes. “Whatever you packed,” Jordan said as he walked away “But I you want some juice, I’m about to go take a leak.” Jake shook his head as Tucker walked over, stretching his arms up in the air. “Looks like you guys don’t suck as lookouts,” he said. “Where’s Teto?” Jake asked as Tucker motioned behind him.

Teto had talked about how the trip wouldn’t be too hard as long as they find Interstate 40. They had yet to find I-40 though. Teto was using maps that may have been outdated 13 years ago, let alone how thing must’ve changed after the apocalypse. Jake walked over and saw Teto surveying the area with his binoculars. “You do know where we are, right?” he asked Teto who answered without dropping his binoculars “Yup. Finding the Interstate is the hard part.”

“Still go north?” Jake asked. Teto nodded. “We ready?” Teto asked aloud as Martin walked over and the two of them started north once again. “What, no breakfast?” Tucker asked as he quickly threw his pack on and followed. “Eat what you packed,” Jake said as the rest of the group started north.

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