January 31, 2016

Pure Human - It Came in Through the Woods

[Posted by Ted H]

Something special is coming next week, hang in there. Not James Blake related, but more of something I've been putting off for a long time.


[Pure Human - It Came in Through the Woods]

            They drove back to the house, hoping to see one of the ambulances still around so they could tail it to the hospital, but to no avail. There were still cops present. "Now what?" John asked. Blake thought for a moment. "Park the car," he eventually said "I have an idea." John parked in the same place as he did the first time as he and Blake got out.
            "Whatever did this," Blake said "Was anything but subtle. They broke through the back door and bum rushed the mother. Maybe they left a path of destruction on their way in." John shrugged as they made their way towards a wooded area behind the row of houses. "Based on the description of the mutilations, cops would have to assume an animal was involved," John said "Probably would've looked for obvious signs of animal entry as well as forced human entry."
            "What what in the what?" Blake asked.
            "Meaning," John said "If some obvious path of destruction was made, the cops would already be all over it."
            They made their way to the area behind the house. The back yard had a fence up with no signs of damage on or around it. "I don't see any cops," Blake said. "They would have secured the perimeter," John said "So there's nothing out here." Blake looked out into the woods and waited. "Cops going door to door asking neighbors if they saw or heard anything odd last night?" he asked. John nodded "Standard procedure," he said. Blake then started walking into the woods. "Then there's only one other way in," he said.
            "So you're saying whatever happened, it came in through the woods, went over the fence and broke their way in?" John asked. "It's the only angle the cops aren't working," Blake said "If not this, then what are we doing out here?" John made a face and tossed his arms in the air, then followed Blake. "Point taken," he said "So where are we going?" Blake shrugged "Beats me," he said as the men disappeared from sight into the woods.
            "There's no odd alchemy potion or powder you can use here?" John asked.
            "Nah," Blake said "Just some good old fashioned gut instinct and detective work.
            "I can get behind that."
            An hour passed as the two wandered in the woods, looking for anything out of the ordinary. "Hear anything odd?" Blake asked. "I don't hear shit," John said. "We're in the woods," Blake said "Don't you think it odd to not hear anything; bugs, birds or the sound of any movement besides our own?" John picked up a rock and tossed it. "I think you're over thinking it," he said "It's early spring, no birds yet. Animals probably got scared off when they heard us coming."
            "And the bugs?" Blake asked. John shrugged as he checked his phone. "You think it's because they're spooked by something supernatural?" he asked.
            "Sounds plausible to me," Blake said.
            "I thought you ruled out the supernatural?" John asked.
            "I ruled out all known supernatural," Blake responded "Besides, something had to spook the local wildlife."
            "We're in Albany," John said "Not the Amazon."
            Blake didn't respond, instead walking in a new direction. "By the way," John added "I had an acquaintance of mine look into which hospital they would take that little girl to." This piqued Blake's interest. "Oh yeah?" he asked. "Yup," John said "They just texted me where to go. Figure we can check it out next." Blake nodded, then continued his wandering. They came upon a clearing leading to a small lake. "This is new," Blake said as he walked up to the water and peered into it. "No fish," he said as John joined him. "That proves nothing," John said as he looked into the dark water. Blake then started making his way around the edge of the lake.
            Eventually, Blake found a bloody pile of meat by the shore. As he looked about, he discovered more and more pieces of carnage. "Anything rational to say about this?" he asked. John ignored him as he looked. "That's a rabbit," he said pointing to one bloody pile "Pieces of frog over there. Shit, this ain't right."
            "Tell me about it," Blake said.
            "Still doesn't explain the lack of bugs," John said, not wanting to give Blake credit "But what eats frogs and rabbits among seemingly everything else in the woods?"
            "Beats me," Blake said "Let's find out."

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