January 17, 2016

Pure Human - She Must Work Out

[Posted by Ted H]

Now that the post NaNoWriMo and post crazy-shit-at-work has all died down, we can get back to business...


[Pure Human - She Must Work Out]

            "John, this is Miss Baxter," Blake said. "Miss Baxter?" John asked. "Trust me," Blake said "Five minutes alone with her and you'll understand why it's miss and not missus." Whitey stood up immediately and made to leave. "She's also why your pancakes are forfeit."
            "Remember," Whitey said to Blake as she passed by him "Stay out of the way. Leave this to the professionals."
            "Professionals?" Blake asked "I think I'm the only one who gets paid to do this."
            Whitey didn't turn around as she continued out. "And what about  John's pancakes?" he called out. "Take off those damn sunglasses!" she yelled back as she disappeared out the door. "New friend of yours?" John asked as he sat down and pulled his pancakes away from Blake.
            "I wouldn't call her quite that," Blake said as he and John watched her walking away through a window.
            "Probably more likely."
            "Don't mind watching her walk away though."
            "Who the hell wears a one piece bodysuit and acts like a superhero?"
            "Yeah, but dat ass doe."
            "Indeed," Blake said as he turned away and tried to sneak the pancakes back to his side of the table.
            "She must work out," John continued.
            "She's clueless and crazy."
            "Oh yeah?" John asked as he finally lost sight of Whitey, then retrieved his pancakes.
            "She busted all in here and figured I was behind the situation."
            "So she had no idea either as to what's going on?"
            "Continues what Matthew mentioned before. No one can agree on what's happening."
            "Has anyone else seen what you've seen? Does she even know about the tooth?"
            "No, and it's best if Whitey stays in the dark. She wants me to stay  out of her way. easy, considering I'm way ahead of her."
            "You think it wise to go this alone?"
            "I got you, and we got Anin. We don't need more help. Let Whitey go find a demon to fight."
            "What is her deal, anyway?"
            "I mentioned her kind once or twice before. God and Satan both empowered people all over the world in the event a Chicago situation ever occurred again. That way, if Heaven and Hell ever got locked out of this realm again, both deities would still have people on the inside to fight for them."
            "Kind of proactive when you think about it. Nice that they've learned."
            "Either that, or they're afraid of something on the horizon. Something coming that's scaring them both into action now."
            "That's rather bleak. You really think something is gonna happen?"
            "I don't trust gods. You don't have random people chosen all over the world to receive powers because of one incident."
            "That one incident almost ended the world though."
            "Then you empower a few people to tackle it the next time. If you gather everyone God and Satan have empowered, you'd have an army."
            "Maybe they're being thorough?"
            "You don't build an army unless you plan on a war."
            "Dark," John commented as he ate "So what about now? Forget the upcoming holy war. What about whatever killed that family?"
            "That house isn't going to be cleared out any time soon," Blake said, refocusing "But there was a little girl there that was alive." The waitress had wandered back with a pot of coffee, but had frozen nearby to listen to the discussion. She had been confused but deeply interested. Blake noticed her, motioned to his empty cup, then shooed her away.
            "How'd she live?" John asked.
            "I think she hid under her bed."
            "But there were three ambulances. They wouldn't do that for two bodies unless the girl was injured."
            "Something was wrong. They had to lift the bed out of the way and she was still on the floor."
            "You sure she survived?"
            "No blood. Whatever was in that house last night tended to leave a mess. We need to see that girl."
            "Odds are she would be taken to a hospital. I'll figure out which one. After that we can see about the house, time permitting."
            "You guys insisted on coming immediately," Blake said as he quickly drained his cup "Let's make it count. Speaking of which..." he then took his untouched glass of water and pulled a vial from his coat.
            "What are you doing?" John asked. Blake ignored him as he dumped some of the water into his empty coffee cup, then shook some of the powder contents in after it. It dissolved and the water took a murky hue. He then placed some powder on his wet finger and rubbed it on the inside of the cup right above the water line and made a trail out of the cup, down the side and onto the table a little away.
            "Seriously," John said "What's the plan here?"
            "Little trick Matthew taught me," Blake finally said. He then dropped the tooth into the cup "No one can agree if this is supernatural in origin. Let's see what my test comes up with now that we have a physical item to test. Blake looked about quick to ensure no one was looking, then took out his lighter.
            "Is that powder stuff you just used flammable?" John asked. "Very much so, yes," Blake said with a smirk as he ignited his lighter and set the flame to his trail. It burned a path to the cup, and when it hit the liquid inside, a fireball popped out. The contents inside sat burning. "You set fire to our only clue?" John asked, astonished. "Just give it a minute," Blake said "When it's done burning, we'll know more about this thing."
            "How?" John asked.
            "If the liquid inside is blue, its angelic on origin," Blake said "Purple means demonic. That sort of thing."
            "Is this like Anin's stones?"
            "Sort of, but this is way more precise."
            "You know you mocked her for that."
            "Yeah, that was dream energy crap. This is completely different!"
            "Whatever you say."
            They waited for a moment as the fire burned down. When it ceased, the tooth remained inside the cup completely fine. The liquid didn't change color but rather sat in completely clear water. "The water wasn't that clean originally," John said "What does it mean?" Blake scratched his head a moment. "It means whatever this is, as crazy as it seems, isn't supernatural."
            "What?" John asked, more confused than anything. "It's not angelic or demonic," Blake said "Nothing from another realm or really supernatural to begin with. Whatever did this was human." John reached into the cool liquid and retrieved the tooth. "This is not a human tooth," he said as he held up the tooth in case Blake forgot what a normal tooth looked like. "It's gotta be an animal," Blake said.
            "Then what now?" John asked. "We figure it out," Blake said as he took the tooth back. "But it's not supernatural," John said "It isn't really our business or concern."
            Blake smiled "But it's interesting, isn't it?"

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