April 17, 2016

Pure Human - Charming

[Posted by Ted H]

So, I'm all set to get back on track and finish this novel.........I just need to, you know, find some free time to actually write. Could have written the other day while waiting for my car to get worked on, but no one told me the waiting room at the mechanics was nice and had power outlets and free wifi...usually the ones I frequent are shit holes....


[Pure Human - Charming]

            John leaned against a sign near the hospital with his arms crossed as he eyed Whitey power walking towards the entrance. She was still dressed appropriately, though John still mentally noted the tight jeans she wore. "Morning," he said before he checked his watch to make sure it was still before noon. "Where's the other one?" she asked as she stopped. "We were under the agreement that you wouldn't even stop if you saw him here," John said "So he's hiding."
            Blake then came out from crouching behind the sign John was leaning against and brushed himself off. "I have better things to do," Whitey commented as she moved to walk on. "What you late?" Blake asked. "I'm not late," Whitey snapped back, a bit more angrily than she intended. "You're late," Blake said with a grin.
            "And what if I am?" Whitey decided as she put her hands on her hips and glared at Blake. "C'mon," Blake asked "I investigate, and you wage a holy war. Let's not step on each other's toes here. Help me investigate and I'll give you something to fight." Whitey didn't even dignify that with a response as she scrunched her face at Blake and walked away. "Last chance," Blake said as Whitey didn't even look back.
            "Charming as always," Blake said sarcastically and he readjusted his trench coat. "Were you expecting a different reaction?" John said, not turning his gaze away from Whitey as she walked into the hospital. "Not really," Blake said "But I figure she could've replaced the woman on our little team."
            "We work better on our own," John reminded him as Blake nodded and they walked back to the car. Not long after they reached the car, John's phone rang. "Unknown number," John said as he looked to the screen "Damn telemarketers." He was about to deny the call when Blake took the phone from him. "That should be Clyde," he said as he answered it. "Tell me you were worth that cigarette," he said into the phone.
            "Yeah, you know it," Clyde said on the other line "I spent all last night tracking down a runner before giving up on the other. I had some free time before the old guy so I went early to the hospital and watched yo girl. There was some other guy there, white coat but not a doctor. He was getting looks at the little girl. The woman noticed him too and followed him out, so I followed her."
            "You bartered a cigarette to have Lena tailed?" John asked.
            "Who's Lena?" Clyde asked.
            "Never mind that," Blake said "Continue. Where did Whitey follow the guy to?"
            "Well she tailed him to his house, I guess," Clyde said "I was gonna follow her in by slipping out of sight, but she apparently can see me too. She chased me off. Barked that she was gonna send me back to hell or something."
            "Yeah, that sounds like her," Blake mumbled.
            "Anyway," Clyde continued "I laid low and kept an eye on the house. Eventually she came back out and headed off. So I followed her to see if she were going anywhere else interesting. She pulled over and headed into the woods. I figured that odd, but followed anyway. Turns out, she was still on to me and laid a trap. Bitch jumped me and threw some freaky power shit at me."
            "You alright?" Blake asked. John didn't share the same concern.
            "Yeah, pays to me immortal," Clyde said "Plus you can't just banish a Reaper to Hell just because you're pissed off. I'll text you the address where that guy she followed lives, but consider us even. I gotta split. As it is I'll be cutting it close to reap that Fitzsimmons guy."
            "Happy reaping," Blake said and hung up. "You didn't just say that," John said as he rolled his eyes. "What?" Blake said as he waited for the text of where to go.

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