April 10, 2016

Pure Human - Common Sense

[Posted by Ted H]

And now the point where erryone gets angry!


[Pure Human - Common Sense]

            "So what are you actually trying to find?" Joey asked after a while of silence, breaking John from his scattered thoughts while gazing in the general direction of the dying old man. "It's complicated," John responded "A creature, or creatures, of sorts."
            "What kind of creature?"
            "I...uh...I have no idea right now. That's what we're trying to figure."
            "Have you ruled out, you know, common sense. You're looking for monsters. Maybe it's just some guy."
            "Whatever did this ripped at least two families to shreds."
            "That doesn't prove anything."
            "Well...damn. We sound crazy when you talk about it."
            "I don't think it's the way I'm talking about it that makes it seem crazy."
            Just then the distinct scream of Anin rang through the area. John and Joey both took a look at each other before they were off and sprinting after Anin and Blake. Inside the girl's room was a scene of chaos and Anin laid on the ground in a ball and Blake was in a shouting match with a doctor. Frank was worriedly looking over his daughter while the two police officers were talking to each other behind the doctor, to John's estimation probably over who would have to arrest Blake.
            "What the hell happened in here?" John called out as Joey sprang to scoop Anin off the ground. "Who are these assholes now?" the doctor yelled. "Check the girl!" Blake yelled at the doctor "She's fine. Anin didn't hurt her!"
            "She laid hands on my patient!" the doctor yelled back "And who the hell decided either of you could approach her anyway?" He then turned to the cops "Are either of you idiots interested in doing your jobs?" The cops both looked to Frank, who wasn't interested outside of Suzie, then looked offended back to the doctor. John didn't think they were interested in arresting Blake after the doctors outburst, but he still figured it best to get out while they were still unshackled.
            "This would be a good time to exit," John said to Blake as he finally backed off from the doctor. Blake said nothing, but took a step towards the door. Anin had finally composed herself and rose from the ground, but the officers stood in her and Joey's way when they tried to leave. "Hey," Blake said at the cops, but John was pushing him out. "What do you think is going to happen when they do an actual check on us and realize we have nothing to do with that Jewish guy down the hall?" John reminded him as they reluctantly left to escape the hospital.
            They waited outside for Joey, who came storming out looking for Blake. "What the fuck happened?" he screamed. "She saw through the girl's eyes," Blake said "She saw what attacked her family." Joey balled his hands into fists. "I don't care about some lunatic. Anin's detained in a room answering to police because you insisted on involving her!" he yelled as he threw his hands in the air.
            "If by lunatic, you mean unholy creature from unknown origin," Blake said "Then yes, I had to include her. Or did you forget the part where she insisted on joining."
            "You're encouraging this delusion!" Joey barked back "She has strange dreams, and you're encouraging her that they're real. Some poor girl's family was murdered, and you want her believing the devil did it."
            "The devil didn't do it," Blake said, causing John to sigh and rub his temples. "Joey," he said, trying to intervene "I know you don't want to hear any of this, but we've seen the places these things have been. We know the damage they've caused. This isn't some serial killer running around and Blake isn't forcing Anin to believe things she doesn't already believe herself."
            "You're trying to say monsters are responsible?" Joes asked with an arched eyebrow.
            "Pretty much, yeah," Blake said. Joey took a swing at him, but Blake stepped back quickly, causing Joes to miss wildly and almost fall over. "Don't do that twice," Blake said with a level expression. Joey looked to Blake then to John who looked ready to pounce. "Fuck both of you," he said "If I catch either of you near my house or my girl, I'm calling the cops." He then stormed off back towards the hospital.
            "He took his own car to get here, right?" Blake asked.
            "Now I know why," John responded "Are you sure what Anin saw with that girl is legit?"
            "Yup," Blake said "She pretty much relived her last conscious moments. For one: We're not dealing with some random lunatic. For two: There's definitely a few more than just one of them."
            "Great. So we've got an opposition of numerous bloodthirsty creatures we can't even figure the origin to, our best leads to this is in the hospital where the police will likely have a few questions for us if we go near them again, your psychic dream lady is barred to us by her pissy boyfriend and we have no leads and no clue on what to do now. Fantastic."
            "There's always Whitey."
            "Ah yes, the holy warrior who hates you. What makes you even think she'll make an appearance?"
            "Frank had two coffees earlier, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to be generous for me. He was waiting for someone, someone who is late."
            "And you know it's Lena because...?"
            "Because Frank is in pain and she needs to make it all better, starting with coddling him in his daughter's hospital room."
            "So where is she now? Why is she late?"
            "That's a good question. Maybe she's on to something and is following up. Or maybe she's late because her hair is a mess. Only one way to know for sure."
            "Stakeout. Fun," John said sarcastically "You wanna grab a coffee or something while we wait."
            "Already stole one from Frank on my way out," Blake said as he held up the cup and drank.
            "How do you do that?"

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