August 31, 2011

You Can't Wait on Life in Philly

A man stands waiting to be seated at a busy restaurant. It was a sunny Sunday morning in this quiet little town. It was unusually busy, that day for Sunday was a day that everyone and their brother would gather their whole family together for a nice cheery breakfast. A half hour had gone by and the man was still not seated, so fed up he sat down in the small foyer where everyone else sat, for some reason or another. He sat down next to an elderly man there with his son, his sons’ wife and their son.

“Unnaturally busy, eh?” Said the man.

“No, I find this to be the usual, in this here, Philly.” Said the elderly man.

“Oh…” Said the man as he picked up a local Philadelphia newspaper.

The man kept waiting what seemed like another fifteen, twenty minutes. Then the waitress came.

“Hello, miss…” the man greeted her with.

“Please, wait your turn sir.” She replied coldly.

The waitress came get the old man and his family.

“You all, may be seated now.” She said.

The man fiddled with his watch and waited some more, when and elderly couple came in and sat down next to the man. This time, he was greeted friendly.

“Hello, young man.”

“Hello…” the man replied.

“Is it your time yet?” Asked the old man.

“No, not yet, apparently…” The man replied.

“ Tis a blessing then…” Replied the elderly lady.

“Excuse me?” replied the man confused.

“Not now, Martha… he’s not from around here.” He told his wife.

“How did you…?” the man tried to reply before getting cut off.

“Just a guess…” replied the old man coyly.

“Well, you’re right… I’m from San Francisco. I’m here visiting my cousin who lives here.”

“Visiting? Well then I think you are in the wrong place.” Replied the old man.

“How can I be in the wrong place, he lives here in Philly!” said the man.

“ I mean you’re here… waiting.” Said the old man.

“Oh, well I wasn’t really sure if I was going to see him or not.” Said the man.

“Why not?” questioned the old man.

“Well he’s the only family I have left, my parents are recently deceased, and my wife just left me.” Said the man, sorrowfully.

“Well they’re in a better place now, deary.” Said Martha.

“They’re lucky.” Smiled the old man to his wife.

The elderly couple continue smiling at each other as the waitress returns.

“Your table is ready. Please follow me.” Said the waitress.

“Finally, it’s our turn!” laughed the old man.

“Seems like we’ve waited a life time to get into this place!” Marty smiled and followed the waitress.

“Aren’t you coming, Frank?” asked Martha.

“One minute dear.” Frank told his wife.

“My advice to you young man, is life is too short to wait around for your order to come up. You should go back and find your cousin. It’s time to move on don’t you think?” Frank chuckled as he walked away.

“Wait! When do I get to order?” The man shouted.

Frustrated the man sits down, and picks up his playbook he had on him. He was reading the play, the Philadelphia by David Ives. After a while a woman sat down next to him.

“Is it good?” she asked.

“Pardon?” the man replied.

“What you’re reading?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry… It’s interesting. But I’m not sure I get it.” He responded.

“Isn’t that the truth of it!” She exclaimed.

“What?” he asked her.

“It’s a lot like life.”

“Oh…” replied the man bewildered.

“Ever been here before?” she asked him.

“No, I’m not from around here.” He said.

“I have. Once. Briefly, really. It was a close call. I hear it’s wonderful here. I hear the eggs are heavenly!” She giggled.

“Oh, then I’ll have to try them then, when I get in.” said the man.

“Oh deary, you can’t just sit around here your whole life! You should go out and enjoy yourself!”

“But, I’m hungry and I just want a bite to eat!” stated the man, angrily.

“Oh dear, I know. But trust me on this, you will know when it’s your time to go… The waitress will come an’ get you!”

The waitress came once more to tell the woman that her table was ready.

“Angelique!” The woman shouted. “I’m so happy to see you again.” she told the waitress.

“I hope you’re back to stay this time Marion!” The waitress said gleefully.

The waitress and the woman hugged and she left to go show her to her table. The man stood up and stopped Angelique.

“Wait! I think I finally understand!” proclaimed the man.

The man, left shortly thereafter. Several years later would pass before the man eventually went back the restaurant and sure enough Angelique had his table prepared for him. He ordered the eggs, but she brought him a cheese steak instead. However the man only laughed and ate the order he was given, and it was in fact, Heavenly.

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