June 23, 2013

Million Dollar Zombie 4-2

[Posted by Ted H]

Work work work work working all week...only got a little bit done, but better than nothing right?


[Million Dollar Zombie 4-2]
            "They're not going anywhere," Ryan said as he snuck back into the apartment. "It's not like we're going anywhere either," John said as Doc spied out the window at the undead below. They were still trying to claw their way into the stairwell. From there Doc was sure it wouldn't take long for them to get passed his front door. "The door will hold," he said as Ryan walked over and flopped down onto the couch next to John.
            "And if it doesn't?" Ryan asked.
            "Then we rush out the back." John suggested.
            "And follow those guys from last night?"
            "Worth a try."
            "And follow them where?"
            "The one guy told Doc where they were headed."
            "That other guy probably turned by now. They're all dead."
            "Maybe they got smart and offed the infected one."
            "Look, we're better off if we try to distract those things outside away from the door."

            "I don't know, but it's better than exposing ourselves out there."

            Doc walked away from the window and headed for the kitchen. "We're low on food and ammo," John said "No power, no way to heat the place. Mind telling me why this place is even worth defending?" Doc stopped in the doorway to the kitchen and turned his head. "Nowhere is safe," he said "Might as well hold fast where we are."

            "She's dead," John said "Candice isn't coming back. You waiting for her here is only going to get us all killed." Doc didn't turn around. "No one said you needed to stay," he said as he disappeared into the kitchen. John and Ryan looked at each other.
            "I have an idea," Ryan said "I'll go out the back way and circle around to the front, get those thing's attention and draw them away from the door." John shook his head. "So we'll just freeze and starve to death instead?" he asked.
            "We've got blankets, and maybe something is left inside the drug store. Doc is right though; nowhere else is guaranteed to be safe. Might as well fight for where we are.."
            "Whatever. Sure you can scale the pipe back up though?"
            "No, but I know you couldn't on your best day."
            "Whatever. Try not to get eaten." John said as he slapped Ryan on the shoulder.

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