March 8, 2015

Race for Safe Haven - Beer Toss

[Posted by Ted H]

Typical scheduled weekend for me: Friday-off, Saturday-off, Sunday-half day
Typical weekend for me in practice: Friday-cover a shift, Saturday-cover a full shift, Sunday-work my shift AND cover a shift...


[Race for Safe Haven - Beer Toss]

            Mike climbed the ladder leading to the roof of the bar. Out in the open air, he could now more audibly head the moans of the dead where before they were just a muffled background noise. They were farther away than he expected, meaning Matt's job had worked. "Matthew?" Mike called out. Out towards the back edge of the flat roof was Matt.
            He wore dress clothes and his long hair was tied behind his head. He had thick black rimmed glasses that he would occasionally wipe clear with a piece of cloth in his pocket. Strands of hair can come free and were sticking to his forehead from sweat. He had been throwing beer bottles from out of sight to farther and farther away points in the back alley to lure the zombies away from the door. His plan was to work his way to the street so the back alley would be entirely clear of them. It had been tiring work, but effective.
            Jason trailed up the ladder with another case of bottles. They had worked through the empty one and had moved onto filled beer. No one was interested in drinking it, so it was no big loss. "Change in plans, Matt!" Mike called as Matt chucked a final glass bottle and turned around. "What's going on?" he asked. Jason walked towards the front to check things out on the ground.
            "How clear is the alley?" Mike asked.
            "If we had to leave out the back now, we'd be dead," Matt said "I got them away from the bar, but there's just too many of them in the alley to lead them all out. They're just too tightly packed in there, I can't get all of their attention."
            "Maybe you don't have to," Jason said as he walked over "The front's still pretty clear. You could easily lead them away so we can leave." Mike nodded approvingly. "That's the plan then," he said "We leave through the front."
            "What about Eric and the others?" Matt asked.
            "Were going to get them, then we're getting out of the city." Mike responded.
            "How? We barely made it here."
            "Remember the guy we pulled out of the alley?"
            "Tell me he has friends out there."
            "No, but he has a car."
            "We can find a car. That was the plan once we got back together."
            "When was the last time you found a car that worked or had gas in it? Or blocked in gridlock? Rhett has a car at a gas station and all we need to do if fill it up and leave."
            "One car. For all of us?"
            "It's an SUV."
            "That's still one car for almost a dozen people."
            "Then we pile on like day laborers, I don't give a shit. It's a way out of the city. A safer and more readily available way than any other we can come up with."
            "Fine," Matt said and walked over to the case of new bottles and picked them up with Jason to head to the front and draw the few zombies up there away from the front. They began tossing bottles as far as they could to draw the dead away from the bar and give everyone plenty to space to run when they finally left.
            Mike continued to figure the plan ahead in his mind, trying to account for every little detail and what to do if something goes wrong. Then he's think about what comes next and ever last step he figured heeded doing to get to Albany. Anything to think about so long as he didn't have to think about his wife and kids and how they were still out there. Alive or dead, he needed to know, and he no longer knew where he could possibly look.
            "That's as good as we're gonna get," Matt said as he and Jason made for the ladder. "Get everyone gathered up front," Mike said. He looked up to the sky to see the sun begin it's trip down. "Gonna be dark soon," he said as he sighed. Usually this time every day he would get his coffee; a pick me up to get through the rest of his work day, which he would cap off with yet another coffee. Lately he's been learning to go without and he's been pretty good at waking up in the morning without the caffeine boost; fear of the dead makes a fantastic wake up call. But that mid-afternoon always gets him. He yawned and slapped his face a couple times before making for the ladder. He wondered if the gas station had any coffee left.

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