November 15, 2015

Pure Human - Day Drinking (NaNoWriMo update #4)

[Posted by Ted H]

We are at the halfway point of NaNoWriMo 2015...I'm still on pace to finish on time, which is amazing when you consider I've had only 2 days off all month so far. Sundays seems to be the only guarantee from here on out, so it looks to be from now on: 6 days of trying to keep my head above water (1500ish words a day) just to get to 1 day of furious writing. This might work since day 29 is a sunday.

Current status of my 2015 NaNoWriMo: 25,285 / 50,000 (24,715 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50.000th word on: November 30th


[Pure Human - Day Drinking]

            They drove home, and waiting for them there, sitting on the front steps was a woman with dark purple hair and a hand sewn black dress. "Ho boy," Blake said under his breath as they walked towards her. "What's up, Anin?" he said aloud. "Hi Blake," the woman said with a lackluster tone and half wave but a genuine smile. "At least Matthew and I have house phones," Blake said to John. "Then why is she here?" John asked.
            "Good question," Blake said as they reached the steps "What can I do ya for, Anin?"
            "I was hoping you could tell me," she said in a timid voice with a half smile.
            "Come again?"
            "Long story short, I was guided here," Anin said without pause. Blake waited for a crack in her face to suggest she was joking, but one never came. He turned to John who shrugged, then he turned back to Anin and announced "I need to be drinking before you start explaining. He walked passed her and fished out his keys.

            Once inside, he made a bee line for the fridge and pulled out a six pack of beer. Then he opened the freezer and pulled out a dark liquor. He brought the drinks to the table and then went searching for some glasses. "Whatever that drink is, I don't want any," Anin said, referring to the dark liquor as John walked over and helped himself to two of the beers. "Don't touch my Jager," Blake said without turning around as he stacked shot glasses in his hand.
            "Then why are you getting so many shots?" she asked as John opened the beers and offered one of them to Anin. Blake didn't respond, instead walking his shot tower to the table an laying them out in a row. "We're going to play a little game," Blake said as he grabbed the Jagermeister and started filling all of the glasses.
            "What game is that?" Anin asked as she sipped at her beer, John meanwhile was halfway done with his. Once Blake was done filling the final of his ten shot glasses, he placed the bottle down and sat in a chain behind the row. "You alluded to some crazy reasoning for how you got to my doorstep," he said "Every time you say something a normal person like me would consider abnormal, I take a drink."
            "I wouldn't consider you normal," John joked as he polished off his first beer.
            "It's not even 4, guys," Anin said with a worried look on her face "And you already plan to get hammered?"
            "You assume your story is going to leave me hammered?" Blake asked "Should I get more shot glasses?"
            "At this point, just chug the bottle, "John said "Don't stop until she makes sense."
            "Guys, be professional. I'm assuming you two have some big case or something," Anin said "Or else I wouldn't have been guided here."
            "I'm counting that," Blake said as he took a shot.
            "You're drinking too," John reasoned.
            "Well, you offered," Anin said, feeling awkward "And, I...Shut up!" She then took another drink and sat down across from Blake.
            "Whatever," Blake said as he turned over his first empty shot "Tell me a story."
            "Well," Anin started after taking another sip and placing her bottle down "It started with a dream." Blake down a shot and placed the glass down next to the first empty glass. Anin paused as he did this. "Don't wait on my behalf," Blake said as he placed his hand on shot number three in preparation "Continue."
            "I've been having this reoccurring dream," Anin started again "It was scary because I usually don't have such vivid dreams, but I remember this one. Someone was dying in a park, and as they died, they faded. People were there, but they didn't notice the dying. They just sat there, crying for someone to help them. Then they were gone and everyone around was panicking because they just now realized what had happened. Everyone freaked out because this person they were ignoring was gone and suddenly it was a big deal."
            "That makes no God damn sense," John said as he placed down his second empty beer and reached fro number three. "Dreams aren't suppose to make sense," Anin said "Not at face value. But this one struck me as odd. When I awoke today though, it stayed with me. It's been weighing on me all day, so I consulted my stones."
            "Stones?" John asked. Blake was too busy swallowing yet another shot.
            "There is a disturbance out there," Anin said "Because that usually leads to me having reoccurring dreams. So I took a nap."
            "I can't even keep up," Blake said as he rushed another hard shot down his throat.
            "I have these stones, each attributed to the power of a supernatural force; Heaven, Hell, etc. I enchant them, place them under my pillow, and go to sleep. When I have the dream, it will react with the appropriate stone so that when I awake and check under my pillow, I'll know which greater power is behind my dreams."
            "I bet that confuses the hell out of the tooth fairy," John said.
            "Don't be dumb," Anin said "The tooth fairy isn't real."
            "But magical dream reading stones are?" John fought back.
            "So which magical stone was it?" Blake asked he looked down to his half empty line of shots and started to regret playing this game.
            "They were all glowing," Anin said as she reached for her bottle and took a long sip.
            "What?" John asked with a shocked look "It's everything happening at once?"
            "No, they were all glowing, but none of them were very bright." Anin said "It means the opposite. My dream energy went through each stone. The idea is that one stone, the appropriate one, will absorb all of the energy, leaving nothing for the rest. But when none of the stones are the right choice, the energy passes right through all of them again and again and gets distributed too evenly for any of them to glow very bright."
            "So it's nothing," John said, let down by the explanation.
            "It's something!" Anin protested "Otherwise it wouldn't be worrying me so much. So I consulted my cards on who or where I could turn to for answers. I drew the Chariot. I shuffled and redrew; Chariot."
            "That could be me," John reasoned "Since I do all the driving."
            "I attribute identities to all my cards," Anin said "Blake is the Chariot."
            "What am I?"
            "Um..." Anin said before forcing herself to drink and not look at John, causing Blake to laugh.
            "So, just to recap," Blake said while holding one of his two remaining shots, face already flush from the drinking "Bad dreams made you consult your magic rocks, which told you something odd was happening, and your tarot deck said you should come to me about it?"
            "Pretty much," Anin said.
            "I'll drink to that crazy," Blake said as he held up his shot as a toast. John grabbed the other one and they cheered before downing the final shots. Anin rolled her eyes as she took another sip and put her drink down. "Whatever, Blake," she said "Your disbelief can only go so far when I know you've met the freaking devil."
            "True," Blake conceded "Which reminds me; When all that business in Chicago was happening back then, where were your fancy rocks and dreams? For all I knew back then, there were no other supernatural attuned people, besides Matthew."
            "I..." Anin started "There was something sense wrong, yes, but never pinpointed. For all I knew the entire world was going crazy at the same time. Then all of a sudden, nothing, for an entire day. Then boom! An unprecedented level of both angelic and demonic energies for a brief time before everything went back to normal."
            "Yeah, same story everyone says," Blake said as he played with one of the empty glasses and started feeling dizzy "So maybe there is something odd going on and John and I just recently were asked to look into. What are you gonna do to help?"
            "I dunno," Anin said with a shrug "Do you even know what's going on?"
            "All I know is we need to go to Albany."
            "My boyfriend lives out there!" Anin said with sudden excitement "He drives out on weekends to visit me!"
            "Why the hell are you in Syracuse if your boyfriend lives in Albany?" John asked.
            "He got a job there. I tried moving with him but I didn't like it; couldn't read spiritual energy as clear out there for some reason."
            "What, reading energy like cell phone reception?" Blake asked.
            "How would you even know how cell phones work?" John asked.
            "So can we crash with your boy?" Blake asked.
            "Only if I get to come help," Anin said plainly.
            "Sure, why not," Blake said as he cheered the air with an empty glass. A high pitched squeal of excitement escaped Anin's throat as she clasped her hands together on her chest and bounced in her seat. "When do we leave?" Anin asked with a smile "I gotta pack. Ooh! I need to call in sick to work! How long should I be sick for? A week? Do you think this'll take as long? Should I take longer? They might get mad though, won't they?"
            "Uh..." Blake attempted, but then sat quiet.
            "What should I bring?" Anin continued "My stones, obviously. Maybe my cards? Hmmm, which deck though? I could bring them all, but that's just impractical. Aw man, maybe I shouldn't go." Her smile turned into a worried look as her hands went to her face "Gah! I don't have time to prepare! I don't wanna go anymore. But I need to go. I was told to come here. Gah! Blake, what should I do?"
            "Uh..." Blake said again as he looked to John, who was shaking his head with a concerned look on his face "You should stop drinking and probably switch to weed."
            "It's just us going, right? No one else?"
            "I'm...pretty sure, yeah," Blake said "We usually roll alone."
            "Good," Anin said with a slight look of relief "I don't do crowds."
            "Well they say three is a crowd," John said. "Shut up, you're stupid!" Anin snapped before looking down at her bottle with a red face. Blake laughed.
            "Go home and relax a bit," John reasoned while he reached over and took the beer away from Anin "Come back tomorrow. We leave at 8."
            "In the morning?" Blake shouted, despairing at the thought of waking up again, at an even earlier time. "Okay," Anin said, trying to calm herself down "Okay, I will." With that she got up and made for the door. John accompanied her as far and bid her farewell while Blake sat and contemplated his remaining liquor. He ended up returning it to the freezer. As he got up to do so, the effects of drinking so much so quickly slowly washed over him.
            "What job could she possibly have?" John asked as he returned. "Prrrrobably Hot Topic," Blake said after securing the Jager away. "You alright?" John asked.
            "Great. Thanks for asking."
            "Drunk," John said as he picked up Anin's beer and noticed she barely got halfway through it.
            "I'm gonna go do a thhhhhing," Blake announced.
            "You did nine shots in ten minutes," John said "Just lay down."
            "Nah," Blake said as he made his way to the door "I'm gonna go see Antonia."
            "Sallome's daughter? Is that wise?"
            "I'm good at this. He'll nnnnnever know I was there."
            "In his house? Or in his daughter?"
            "Annnnin mentioned it might take a week to do this."
            "Not exactly-"
            "I'm just gonna get you-know-what wet before I disappear for a while."
            "And if Sully kills you?"
            "Thennnn you don't have to go to Albany!"
            John rolled his eyes as Blake walked to the exit. "Just make sure you come back tonight," he asked "I don't want to have to go looking for you tomorrow morning." Blake flashed a thumbs up as he went out the door. John watched him start down the staircase outside, then halfway down his feet tripped and he tumbled down the rest. "I'm okay!" he shouted as he sprang up and started casually walking away.

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