November 5, 2015

Pure Human - Illusion Breaker (NaNoWriMo update #2)

[Posted by Ted H]

I get one off day this week, and by God did I use it. Each day so far I've managed to barely keep ahead of par for the month, after today I'm comfortable with a nice lead. Time to keep pushing...

Current status of my 2015 NaNoWriMo: 10,007 / 50,000 (39,993 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 25th


[Pure Human - Illusion Breaker]

            "This is going well," John quipped as Blake approached the trunk of the car and opened it. John waited patiently as Blake rummaged around for a bit before finally asking "So what's on your mind?" Blake didn't turn to John. "It's not a demon," he said "At least I don't think it is. Most possessions are demonic. Something's definitely wrong with the kid though."
            "What do you think it is?" John asked.
            "Possession is easiest to prove. Demonic kinds are the most obvious, but other forces are more subtle."
            "Lizzie isn't subtle so much as a complete personality overhaul, according to her father."
            "Subtle or not," Blake said as he retrieved a bag and opened it "There are ways to expose any kind of hostile takeover." He pulled out a few vials of varied powders and an empty vial. He shook a little from each vial into the empty and put a lid on it. "The wife seems nice though."
            "The client said she isn't normally like this either. She's just stressed out." John said.
            "If my kid was possessed or my husband was telling everyone he met on the street as much, yeah, I'd be a little stressed, too." Blake said as he returned everything but his concoction to the bag carefully.

            "It's not just that," John said "Apparently the wife lost her mother at an early age. Unknown causes or something like that. She is about the same age now."
            "Maybe we should investigate her," Blake suggested "I'll start with a full body examination to make sure she's healthy. You make sure the husband is nowhere within moaning distance of the bedroom."
            "Can you focus?"
            "I'm upping the divorce wager to three hundred."
            "She isn't even that hot."
            "I know, and her disposition is on par with the arctic."
            "And you wanna bang her?"
            Blake shrugged. "Gotta be some reason the guy married her, right?" he said as he closed the trunk "Might as well be because the sex is amazing."
            "Care to share to the class what you're planning with that?" John asked as he looked at the vial in Blake's hand, but Blake only smiled and began walking back to the house as he yelled "I'm only explaining this once!" He charged in with John trailing and whatever argument between the parents that was going on was abruptly cut short. "Okay!" Blake announced as he held up the vial and started shaking its contents together "This is a neat trick that I came up with on my own and I've been just waiting for a chance to try it out!"
            "What is that?" the man asked as Blake opened the vial and dumped its contents neatly into his hand with none of it spilling. The wife said nothing but wore an untrusting look on her face. "If little Lizzie is indeed possessed," Blake started "Then there is something inside of her that's in control. It's only pretending to be Lizzie. We need to bring it to the surface, so to speak, and show it for what it really is."
            "And that stuff in your hand?" the man asked.
            "I call it: The Illusion Breaker. It cuts through a facade and lets you see something for what it really is. Are you not following me on this?"
            "I don't want that shit anywhere near my dau-" the wife began, but Blake ignored her and stepped towards Lizzie while blowing the contents all about her. John had to step over and physically stop the wife from jumping Blake as the gray powder fell about Lizzie, who closed her eyes but otherwise did nothing about the foreign substance that was now covering her. As soon as it was on her though, it was starting to disappear as if it were burning away.
            "I'll kill you!" the wife screamed as the husband joined John in trying to stop her from reaching Blake. "Calm down!" Blake yelled "This is where it's going to get cool!" He spit in his hand and raised it into the air over towards Lizzie with his fingers stretched out. "And all illusions will fall down," he said as he slowly lowered his hand, as if commanding a curtain to fall.
            The yelling that had occurred suddenly stopped and everyone waiting in captivated silence. For a moment nothing happened. After a few beats, nothing continued to happen. Blake cleared his throat. "Let's, uh, try this again," he said as he could feel the mother's rage building behind him. He raised his hand up and lowered it again at the girl, but nothing changed except Lizzie opened her eyes and stared at all the adults staring back at her.
            Blake and John were then sprinting out of the house as the wife was screaming about calling the cops. The husband wasn't far behind them. "That went well," John said, shaking his head. "Meh," Blake said "About as well as I figured."
            "That powder, spell, whatever it was, it was suppose to work!" the man demanded.
            "Your daughter is possessing herself," Blake said "Nothing else is inside her."
            "Something is wrong!"
            "So we try something else."
            "What else can you do?"
            " a good question," Blake said "One that requires a little more planning on our part. Right now, we need to be not here." John nodded and started for the car while Blake lingered with his client. "We'll figure something out, trust me," he said as he went to leave, but the man didn't seem as hopeful.
            "Nice spell," John said sarcastically as Blake climbed into the car and the engine started. "It works," Blake defended "Just need an actual illusion to break." Blake pulled out a new cigarette and lit up as John drove away. "Something is wrong with that little girl, it just isn't a possession."
            "What else could it be?"
            "I dunno. It was almost like she was barely there. Like she was sick or something. You looked into everyone's background, right?"
            "You thinking I messed up something?"
            "No. You said the wife lost her own mother at an early age. Same conditions?"
            "You think it's related?"
            "It was a sudden death. One day perfectly healthy and normal, the next...not so much."
            "So the girl and her grandmother have some sudden disease maybe."
            "That makes no sense. Completely different ages and symptoms."
            "What about the mother before? Might be hereditary ."
            "Suddenly dead when her only daughter was about the same age."
            "That was quick of you."
            "I do my homework."
            "So there's a pattern here."
            "But we're not investigating the mother."
            "This is somehow related to what's wrong with Lizzie."
            "I don't believe in that."

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