November 26, 2015

Pure Human - Ninja (NaNoWriMo update #6)

[Posted by Ted H]

Home stretch, baby! Despite working overtime most weeks and having next to no free time, I've remained on track for a 3-peat. So close, I can almost taste it, can't slow down now!

Current status of my 2015 NaNoWriMo: 44,279 / 50,000 (5,721 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 30th


[Pure Human - Ninja]

            Blake didn't bother checking the time. It was three in the morning last time he looked and he knew he was going to be in a mood the next morning when the trip to Albany would happen. Despite the future being irritating, he deemed the nights events worthwhile. "I am a ninja," he said to himself as he stumbled into his kitchen, referring to the fact that no one knew of his nights events except himself and Antonia.
            He was at that point where sleep was ready to overtake him, but he had a couple things he wanted to do first. First thing was a drink. He checked the fridge to find nothing suitable, so he ducked his head under the sink faucet and turned on the water. After chugging the lukewarm liquid, he headed to the bathroom so he could look himself over.
            There was neither time nor desire to shower, but Blake figured he should clean up a little before bed. He knew once he awakes, it would be right into the car for the Albany drive. The reflection in his mirror was one of accomplishment; a drunk grin on a face lined to one side in bright red lipstick kisses. His hair was a mess, but that was usually the case, and he looked a little overdue for a shave. He turned on the bathroom sink and shrugged off his trench coat, then proceeded to wash his face as best he could.
            He ran his wet hands through his hair as he looked at himself yet again in the mirror, the kisses on his face gone but the memories still heavy on his mind. A sudden pounding on his front door broke him from his mental rewind, causing him to fear someone saw him before and followed him home. "Impossible," he said "I'm a ninja!" He had expertly utilized his basic illusions and general misdirection to slip unnoticed into his tryst with Antonia, so the prospect that he indeed went noticed was an impossible thought.
            A light turned on nearby and John emerged, a 9mm pistol loaded and ready in his hands as he stopped at the open doorway and saw Blake in the bathroom. "If it's Sallome's goons, I'm letting them take your dumb ass," he stated. "Ninja," Blake said, unable to process much as he felt the early onset effects of a hangover. John shook his head as he made his way barefoot down the hall towards the front door where the pounding continued. "Relax!" Blake shouted, after composing himself a little "Sallome is a bit more subtle...I think."
            John approached the door, pistol ready to fire. He shiftet himself to the side and yelled "Who are you!" no one responded but as he got closer, John could hear someone sobbing outside. John approached the peephole on the door and looked out to see someone laying against the door face down and slamming on it with their fists.
            "Shit," John said as he cautiously unlocked the door and opened it. Anin shoved a bloodstained hand through the opening and gripped the door a she cried out for help. "Oh my God!" John yelled as he helped Anin inside and closed the door "What happened?"
            "We have to go now!" Anin cried "Something happened. I don't know what, but something's been set in motion! We have to go now!"
            "Calm down," John said as he helped her to a chair, then went looking for Blake, who had wandered into the kitchen to see what was happening."Did something attack you?" Blake asked, noticing the fresh injury to her arm.
            "It was the dream again," Anin stated "But it was more than that. Whatever is happening, it's getting worse. Please, we need to do something now. We need to go NOW!" John and Blake exchanged a look before Blake looked back to Anin. "Just calm down," he said, trying his best to sound reassuring "We're going tomorrow and fixing whatever it is that's happening. Just relax and try to sleep until then-"
            "NO!" Anin screamed "We go now. Whatever this is, it's only going to get worse!"
            Blake sighed as he walked over to John. "I can be dressed and ready to rock in five minutes," John said. "Whoa whoa whoa!" Blake said "What about sleep?"
            "Suck it up," John said as he walked away. Blake just sighed and threw his arms in the air before returning to the bathroom to retrieve his trench coat.

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