December 20, 2015

Pure Human - Eating

[Posted by Ted H]

Woah, I NaNoWriMo'd so hard, I had a 3 week hangover...


[Pure Human - Eating]

            It took some driving, and they passed several diners and an I-Hop on the way, but the group eventually found a Dennys. Anin made comment at how ludicrous this was, and John complained that Blake should see a doctor or something similar first, but Blake was having none of it. He needed a Grand Slam and a coffee. The coffee usually was crap, but it was his kind of crap that he developed a fond taste for, and nothing else would do. John always went for the hash browns.
            "You should be dead," Anin said as Blake waited impatiently for a waitress while adjusting his sunglasses he had put on once John dragged him to the car before. "I'll be fine," Blake said "I put some stuff in there that fights off poison. Also the Time Ball reacts with the gas so it burns up harmlessly...well, relatively harmlessly." He then held up the ball in his hand and played with it a little. "Thank God I puked this up," he said "This wouldn't digest so getting it out of me the other way wouldn't been excruciatingly painful."
            "How much gas was leftover?" John asked.
            "Like I said initially," Blake responded "I added a little too much."
            "How about this tooth?" Anin asked, holding up the clue "It's not from any animal I've ever seen."
            "That's whatever did all the killing," Blake said as the waitress finally arrived with a pot of coffee and other drinks. John got an orange juice and Anin received a cup of tea. The waitress placed a cup in front of Blake and poured, then started to walk away with the pot. "Hey, leave that," Blake called. "Why would I do that?" the waitress asked. "I'm gonna drink more than one," Blake responded "The waitresses where I'm from usually just leaves the pot with me."
            "Just ask for a refill and I'll bring this back," the waitress said with a look on her face. "The service here is not what I'm used to," Blake said as he picked up his undersized cup and took a drink. "So, what's the origin of this tooth's owner?" Anin asked, putting the conversation back on track "And aren't the cops gonna want to see this?"
            "If this is supernatural in origin," Blake said "Then cops will be useless."
            "Whatever this is, it chewed the head off of someone," Anin said "This might be more than you can handle." Blake and John looked at each other. "We'll find a way to deal," Blake said. "Or we could call the cavalry," Anin said "There are people trained to deal with situations like these." Blake rolled his eyes. "I've met a few of those people," he said "They're intolerable."
            "You're intolerable," Anin said.
            "Exactly," Blake responded "So there's no point in everyone annoying each other."
            "We need a next move," John said, breaking the argument up "How do we go from here?"
            "Head back to the house when it's empty," Blake said "Get a read on what this is. Maybe we can narrow it down once we know the origin."
            "No one's been able to narrow anything down," Anin said.
            "That house is the first confirmed location of whatever is going on. We can get a very specific read. A lot better than dreaming about it."
            "Don't know what you know is effective," Anin quipped.
            "That could take a while," John complained "Take it from me, gruesome scenes attract attention. Even after the bodies are removed, cops'll hang out at the house."
            "Then we chill for now," Blake said as the waitress returned for orders.
            "Nothing for me," Anin said "I'm not very hungry."
            "Coffee," Blake said holding up an empty cup "Leave the pot this time. Also a Grand Slam, don't skimp on the bacon. And a glass of water."
            "Put hash browns on that," John added "And pancakes for me."
            "What kind of eggs?" the waitress asked, eyeing the empty cup "Surprise me," Blake said, prompting the waitress to roll her eyes and walk away. "You're being a jerk," Anin said "You'd better tip her." Blake stroked his chin with a smile. "Her attention to my coffee will determine her fate in that regard."
            "It's assholes like you that make that job so unappealing."
            "Dually noted," Blake said "You should eat something though. Unhealthy to skip the most important meal of the day."
            "This coming from the man whose most recent diet has consisted of German liquor followed by pure gasoline as a chaser."
            "Probably enjoyed some raw meat in between," John said with a shake of his head, causing Blake to wink at him.
            "I like to be lean for my important case moments," Blake said.
            "Whatever," Anin said as she stood up. "If this day is just a standstill until the house clears up, you wouldn't mind if I check in with Joey."
            "Who?" Blake asked.
            "Boyfriend," John corrected.
            "Oh," Blake said before looking out for the waitress and his refill.
            "I'll drive you," John announced "Shouldn't take long. Blake, save some hash and don't hide the syrup."
            "Should've ordered what I did then. Comes with pancakes anyway."
            "I'm sick of eggs. It's the only thing you can actually make and you make it all the damn time. Pardon me for wanting some variety," John said as he and Anin got up to leave. "Have fun," Blake said with a wave before searching again for the waitress. "This is why you leave the pot!" he yelled out, frustrated at the lack of service.

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