October 16, 2011

Safe Haven - Dead End

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Depending on what account you follow, this whole chase sequence has been going on since July...thats a lot of running. Now at least I can move on into zombie action!

[Safe Haven - Dead End]

New ResEs were around. Jake had given the first three the slip but not enough where the rest couldn’t track him. “Almost there,” he breathed to himself as a trail of bullets kicked behind him. Two more ResEs had picked up on him. Jake dug deep and sprinted faster. A little farther and he would be home free.

He reached the outskirts and ducked through some debris. He wouldn’t be able to shake these two ResEs but that suited him just fine. “Turn a corner and…dead end,” he said to himself as he made the turn and slowed his pace. He was where he needed to be. The two ResEs shouted their direction as they rounded the corner after Jake, then backtracked so hard they fell over. Waiting for them at the dead end was Jake with several more Rogues flanking both sides, all guns readied.

Neither ResE had enough time to even utter one last swear before a wave of gunfire obliterated them. Most of the Rogues then quickly disappeared through the debris while two others remained around Jake.

“That’s what you get, bitch,” he said with a smile.

“I should’ve known you couldn’t avoid trouble,” Teto said.

“I’m more surprised that only two were after you,“ Johnson said as he eyed the bodies.

“More on the way,” Tucker called as he climbed down from debris.

“How many more?” Teto asked.

“More than we can take,” Tucker said as the four men ran off.

“Get to the rendezvous, we’re done for tonight,” Teto said “And if you don’t mind, Jake, we’ll be doing it with a little more stealth than you’ve exhibited.”

“I had my reasons.”

“I’ll bet.”


“You don’t wanna know,” a ResE said as Kendall approached where the end of the chase had been. “He got away,” Jezus said as he kicked a rock before screaming into his radio “Thanks for the help, Bell. Where the fuck are you?”

Leo and Mother-Lover. Two other ResEs Kendall never bothered getting to know laid dead at the dead end, bodies pumped so full of lead it left no question as to why they didn’t even get a shot of their own off. “This was a set up,” he said “Fucker led them right into a trap.” Jezus walked over, giving up on contacting his partner. “I doubt this was a trap,” he said “Unless the plan all along was to race through half the sector on rooftops.” Kendall stared for a moment. “What was the plan then?”

Jezus looked around the area for a moment before answering. “Odds are they all met up here, the other Rogues, unless you think one man did all that. Not a trap as much as a rendezvous. Those two walked right into a hornets nest. Tough break though for them. Good thing we lost them though, that could just have easily been us.” Kendall shook his head before addressing the other ResEs “Spread out, find out where that fucker went!” He then looked back at Jezus who was laughing.

“What’s so funny?” he asked. “You really think you can find any Rogues now?” Jezus asked “It’s over tonight, they’ve all made for the hills by now.” Kendall balled his hands into fists. “That guy killed my partner, and two others we know about, maybe more. You really think I’ll just give up now?” Jezus sneered “Yeah yeah, the guy killed, maybe my partner too but you don’t see me crying in the street about it.” Kendall walked back up to Jezus “Then what do you suggest we do about it?” he asked. Jezus smiled. “I already have an idea.”

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