January 2, 2013


[...Posted by Ted H]

Well well well well well....2013. What could I possibly hope to accomplish this year?

I've decided that no one singular project can hold my attention for long, so instead I will embark on the hopeless quest of tackling multiple major projects to amuse myself this year.
Don't call these resolutions, because if you call me out on this in December, I'll throw this very disclaimer right back at you: I make no actual promise to do shit.

Such projects include:

-BGI (v3)
My original major project. I wrote the original in high school and it set me off on the path I find myself on today. Everything I've accomplished since (except the Fat Lady poem) was made possible because of the "success" of BGI.
Rereading the original makes me cringe and wonder why all the people who read it didn't just smack me in the head for the atrocious grammar (so bad that the Geneva Convention has made reproduction of that story illegal). I rewrote the story and fixed a multitude of the errors (grammar and continuity) a year later and even now as I reread version 2, I cringe.
Version 3, which to my amazement has been demanded by multiple people (more than 1) will be attempted this year.
The first version was about me and my friends in the very high school we attended, if it became the plot of a Resident Evil game, all to fulfill my own hubris. Version 2 made no deviation to that set up. I originally wanted to make version 3 a little less stupid, but I feel the need to keep nostalgia in place and keep it about a handful of teenagers fighting off zombies and more in their high school (cuz that concept is sooooooo original).
BGI is an abbreviation. Few will get it and that's kinda the point.
I will put BGIv3 in its entirety on this site.
...and yes, the main character is still named 'Ted' because fuck you, I'm awesome!

-Million Dollar Zombie
What BGI was to my high school, MDZ kinda became that to my college by accident. I needed a setting and in being devoid of originality for settings, I used the college.
...and the main character here is also named 'Ted' because (again) fuck you, I'm awesome!
It's less Resident Evil in this one and more Walking Dead (and seeing how I rarely expose myself to any version of the Walking Dead, show-game-comic, this should be interesting)
Probably won't put all of MDZ on this site.

-Safe Haven
More like make a meaningful advancement to that story. My month long stall killed all the momentum for that and I recently wrestled with the idea of changing the ending, which halted all writing cuz it would require a rewrite. I've decided to keep the ending, or at least not make it as radically different as I intended. SH will take a backseat to the above two, at least until I iron out a few details.
All updates will be here, ya know, if I get there.

-Adventures is New Vegas
I'm gonna play Fallout: New Vegas and write about it. I had enough fun doing the same with Oblivion last year, and if I need a break, NV will help me keep sharp.

-That One Night
Make an honest to God attempt at publishing this bitch. The major problem is that it's not quite long enough to fit some peoples loose definition of novel. Also there's the fact that it's almost impossible to explain to people who like plots to be simple.

-Write a poem
It's been a while.
I'd blame my muse...but that would be lazy...
...So I blame my muse.

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