January 27, 2013

Million Dollar Zombie 2-1

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...and who doesn't love needless cliffhangers?


[Million Dollar Zombie 2-1]

            “Stay on this road until you reach flashing yellow lights,” Ted said.

            Not much talking had been done during the five hour trip. Not much talking needed to be done. The five men packed into Jack’s truck all knew what job they had to do. Ted was the "guide" while Marko was armed and tasked with killing a zombie, any zombie, and covering the escape. Jerry would drag the zombie corpse to the truck. Jack would serve as the getaway driver and Jay tagged along to take pictures to sell for even more money. Martin had demanded that they get some pictures if they could and since Jay had a degree in photography, he might as well handle the pictures.

            Martin had provided them with the location of the last place the military would quarantine and block off. That was their way in. It was up to them to get their proof and get out before the military would block off their exit. In terms of a time limit before the last exit would actually be blocked off, Martin wasn't sure.
            "Make a left," Ted said as they reached the lights. "So...Ted," Jay said "You used to live here or something?" Ted, Jerry, Marko and Jack were all pretty close friends, but only Marko really knew Jay. The two roomed together for a semester in college and Jay never really had opportunity to get to know anyone else in the group.

            "Didn't live here," Ted answered "Went to college here for a while."
            "What you major in?" Jay asked, not wanting to go back to the tense silence. "Doesn't matter, never finished," Ted answered "Kicked out this semester, Jack hooked me up with a job cuz I couldn't go home." Jerry reached up from the back seat and slapped Ted on the arm. "Not like you're gonna need to worry about money after this, am I right?" Ted didn't answer.
            "First thing I'm gonna do is buy a hooker!" Marko announced. "Sins of the father?" Jay said as a joke but no one took notice. Marko didn't need much convincing to join in the little zombie hunt. He was always game for doing reckless and seemingly dangerous things. Part of that was because there weren't many people around him growing up to tell him otherwise.
            His mother worked all the time and he never met his father. As his mother put it: "That lazy ass Mexican didn't even have the decency to stay the night, let alone for when you were born." His mother was white, and for her sake, Marko was born white. She named him 'Mark', but kids growing up added the O to his name and it stuck, making him 'Marko'.
            The five men had fallen back into silence, which didn't please Jay one bit. He turned to look out his window and snapped some scenery pictures. His memory card could hold about 200 photos; not that he was planning to take that many, but he liked to be prepared.

            "Anyone get an idea on the weather?" Jack asked as he hit the wiper blades. It was early December and the snow had been light in the area until this point but the bleak sky ahead hinted that it wouldn't last. "Lake effect incoming," Jerry said as he fumbled out a cigarette from his coat "But we'll be long gone by time it gets heavy."
            "It's getting heavy now," Jack mumbled as he looked over to Ted who was studying the surroundings through the snow. "Right here," he finally said and Jack stopped the truck. "Go time!" Marko shouted as everyone but Jack got out. "Enjoy yourselves, ladies," Jack said as he cranked the heat and waited for everyone to walk away so he could turn the truck around.
            The plan was simple: Get into town, and figure out what was going on. If it were indeed zombies, then they kill one and bring the body back to the truck to bring back to civilization. They weren't stupid, they weren't going to even attempt to ring in a zombie without killing it.
            "No hero shit," Marko said with a wink as he dug into a bag he brought "Unless of course it makes a good story." Jerry looked up at the falling snow as Jay snapped some pictures of the area. Marko pulled a 9mm handgun out and handed it to Jerry, then pulled another one out for himself. "Something's defiantly up," Ted said "I don't like this one bit."
            "We'll be fine," Jerry said as he checked his gun "Don't pussy out on us now."
            "Weather does put a damper on the plan don't it?" Ted asked
            "No biggie,"

            "In case you forgot, the plan was to listen for a deadie, then discretely lead it back to the truck."
            "Yeah, then we'll take care of business there."

            "I dunno about you, but I'm having trouble hearing much over this wind."

            "So be extra careful."

            "On top of the snow killing all visibility."

            "For fucks sake Ted, you do realize how much money is at stake right? No one said this was gonna be easy. I don't hear anyone else bitching, so man the fuck up already."
            "Actually," Jay said "Now that you mention it, I'm not so hot for this plan either now."
            "I don't fucking believe this," Jerry screamed as he threw his hands in the air.
            "Maybe we could wait for the snow to let up," Marko suggested as Jerry shook his head. "It's only gonna get worse from here," he said "Plus I don't know how long we have what with the army incoming."
            "You ladies gonna get moving or what?" Jack said from the truck.

            "I don't need to remind anyone what kind of payday we're looking at," Jerry said addressing everyone outside "So nut up and let's get this done."

            Jay snapped a picture of everyone before they set off into town. Ted led the way, knowing the town layout, and with the snow, a guide was needed all the more. Jerry and Marko followed, weapons drawn just in case things get out of hand. Jay brought up the rear, taking pictures to sell later since Jerry insisted his cousin shouldn't get all the press.

            They slowly made their way up the street looking for anything, living or otherwise. "Ya know," Jay said "Maybe there's a better explanation than zombies. I heard there was a gas leak or something and it killed everyone." Jerry and Marko turned to stare at Jay for a beat before moving on. Jay hesitated a moment before shrugging. "I guess that would explain the zombies."

            They reached an intersection before Ted stopped. "Two ways we could go from here," he said "Keep going up this street towards the high school or turn here and hit main street." Jerry looked down both streets the best he could. "Main street, probably."

            "Might be too many at once," Marko said. "Best chance to find one quick," Jerry responded. They turned to main street as the snow picked up. "This is stupid," Jay yelled over the wind "We should at least go back to the truck and drive through." Everyone looked to Jerry. "Probably the smarter idea," Ted said as Jerry made a face. "By the time we get back to the truck and drive up here," he started but stopped at the looks he was getting from everyone else. "Fine," he said "Let's head back. Pussies."

            They turned around and made for the intersection when a gust of wind blew through and they stopped at the sound of a moan. "Everyone heard that, right?" Jerry said as they strained to listen over the wind. "Where's it coming from?" Ted asked. Marko aimed his gun out front while Jerry was aiming behind. "Defiantly should make for the truck," Jay said.

            The wind then died down a little and they could hear better, only to find out the moan they heard wasn't alone. "Only need one, right?" Marko asked. "More can only be better, right?" Ted said sarcastically. "Shut up and stay close," Jerry hissed with a lower tone. The snowfall lightened up a little to reveal a small pack of humanoid figures not ten feet from where the men stopped advancing. The three people were slouched and stumbled as they walked as if they were drunk.
            "They don't notice us," Marko whispered. "We almost walked right into the middle of them," Jay added. "We already did," Jerry said as the snow calmed down more to reveal people stumbling all about. "Slowly," Jerry said as they backed up the way they walked in. A distinctive moan sounded as one of the people caught the four men and made for them, catching the attention of others. "They're...they're drunks. That's all," Jay said as he took another picture "This isn't reality. Zombies aren't real."
            "Are you fucking serious?" Jerry yelled as they started to run. "Well we were kind of humoring you for a while," Ted started, but stopped at the sight at the intersection. More figures were stumbling into view right in their path, making a way to the four running men. "Cut through yards!" Ted said as the snow began to pick up again. They started but stopped at the sight of more approaching people. They were cut off from the truck and surrounded.

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