February 11, 2018

Pure Human - One Problem at a Time

[Posted by Ted H]

3 in a row?!?!


[Pure Human - One Problem at a Time]

            Blake had made all the necessary preparations by the time that John and Whitey arrived. When they stepped out of the car, Blake motioned for them to follow him and Clyde on foot over a few front lawns towards Melrose's home. As expected, Whitey and Clyde nearly came to blows, but John managed to stay between them and Blake managed to keep everyone quiet. Blake checked on the dream stones, which were brightly lit up, which worried him since he doubted they were suppose to work so well far away from Anin.
            "Alright, time for action," Whitey announced.
            "Hold your horses," Blake said "The professionals have a plan."
            "We do?" John asked.
            Blake produced the time ball for Clyde "Here, eat this," he said.
            "Oh no," John said.
            While Clyde tried to swallow, Blake explained "Easy plan. Clyde goes in, incapacitates Anin and kills everything else."
            "Simple, yet very elegant," John commented while Whitey made a face. "Here, wash that down," Blake said as he handed Clyde the bottle.
            "Why does that smell like gasoline?" Whitey asked as Clyde drank.
            "He'll be fine," Blake said as Clyde finished and dropped the bottle as he looked around himself in amazement. The next instant, he disappeared. Blake smiled and laughed while John and Whitey suddenly howled in pain as they fell over, grabbing their groins.
            "Good to see Clyde is mature and all that," Blake said as he looked about for anything alerted by the sounds of the pain. "Can you guys relax?" he asked "We're in the clear so far."
John approached while limping and groaning "I'm gonna kill that fucker," he said through clenched teeth. "Someone beat you to it," Whitey said with a hint of satisfaction to what she was looking at.
            The scene ahead was one of bloodshed and body parts, mostly Clyde. "Was this part of the plan?" John asked as he and Blake ran up to most of Clyde's remains. "Kind of?" Blake said as he looked around to some of the crumpled bodies of the transformed people with their throats slit. Clyde's torso laid motionless with his head barely attached to a ripped up neck. All limbs were detached and scattered through the yard. The house he presumably entered looked mostly unchanged save for one broken and bloody window that looked like Clyde had been tossed from after his dismembering. "Is he...dead?" Whitey asked, not daring to approach from behind John. "He's immortal," Blake said "Or should be; that's why I let him drink the gasoline and whatnot."
            "Is that normal?" John asked "Would you have been ripped apart like this or something?"
            "No," Blake said "Something else did this to him,"
            "But, if your cocktail worked and time had stopped..." John began
            "Bitch..." Clyde's head spat out, startling everyone.
            "Holy hell," John said as he caught his breath.
            "What happened?" Blake demanded.
            "Your bitch friend..." Clyde said as he struggled to take in enough air so he could speak "I thought you said time would freeze......"
            "Clearly Mr. V. don't play by our rules," Blake said.
            "Whose rules?" John  asked.
            "Our realm's rules. I dunno, I should probably look into that or something."
            Whitey had been looking about at the bodies and had been counting. "Uh, you guys said there were six of those things left, right?" she asked.
            "Something like that," John responded.
            Whitey quickly looked around to the four bodies she could see. "I don't count six," she said. Blake positioned Clyde's head so he could address him directly. "Clyde, how many did you kill?" he asked.
            "Fuck if I know," Clyde responded while spitting up blood "That shit was starting to burn. I may not die but that still hurt like hell. So I decided to go after the big fish instead of fucking around."
            "That wasn't the plan," Blake said.
            "Your plan sucked. Go for plan B's flesh clay bull shit instead."
            "Wait, what's plan B?" John asked before Whitey screamed "Look out!"
            Blake and John turned to see Whitey point to two rapidly approaching figures in the dark. She then brought her hands together and began charging while Blake and John spaced apart. "John, just shoot them, we don't have time for this!" Blake yelled. "I don't do speed shots!" John yelled back "I need to aim and these things are bouncing all over!"
            Whitey's hands were glowing when she was set and extended a hand out to launch energy at one of the monsters. Nothing happened. "Real helpful," Blake quipped as Whitey looked at her hands. Blake and John backed up towards her. "I don't get it," she cried. "They're human!" Blake shouted, remembering when he first met Whitey.
            "Split!" John yelled as the two creatures lunged. John dove one way, White and Blake jumped the other. The creatures each gave chase. Blake practically threw off his coat and held it out like a matador. "Blake, this isn't a game!" Whitey yelled as the creature instead went after her. Whitey cried out and tried to run, but didn't get far when she felt claws and a body fall onto her. "NO!" she shouted as she felt her back begin being dug into and she was powerless to stop it. Blake then covered the creature's head with his coat, wrapped his arms around it and picked it up and off of Whitey.
            John, meanwhile, was circling opposite of the other creature while aiming his gun. "Make a move, you piece of shit," he said as he slowly backed up and gave himself precious distance. The creature tensed, then lunged itself in the air straight at John with a deep roar. No longer bouncing to and fro on the ground and instead in a predictable path in the air, the creature had put itself right in John's sights. With a smirk and a quick pull of the trigger, the creature's body fell to the ground near where John sidestepped, a fresh bullet hole right between the eyes.
            "Blake, what are you doing?" Whitey said as she got to her feet. "You can't hurt this thing cuz it's human!" Blake yelled as he faced Whitey with the struggling creature in his arms blinded by the coat "But you can hurt this coat, right?" Whitey's eyes went wide before she charged her hands again, then ran up and punched the creature's head with all her might and holy power. The creature elicited a short cry as it and Blake flew backwards onto the ground.
            "You guys ok?" John asked as he jogged over. "I think so," Whitey said as she caught her breath and tried to feel the wounds in her back. "Oh fuck," John said as he saw Whitey's injures and tried to look as well. "I'll be fine," she said.
            "Oh, that smell," Blake said as he got up and pulled his coat away from the creature's corpse. A bloody and chunky mess remained of its head, with some pieces sticking to the coat. "This definitely needs to be dry cleaned," he said as he picked the bigger pieces off and put the coat back on. "You are not riding in my car with that on," John announced. "One problem at a time," Blake said as he led the way into the house.

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